Thursday, June 20, 2019

Racist trumper Pig Mystere Oinks

The images below are from the blog of a racist trumper magaturd who calls himself "Mystere".

According to Wikipedia, "Racism in South Korea has been recognized - particularly by the South Korean media - as a widespread social problem". Additionally Wikipedia notes that "racist attitudes are more commonly expressed towards immigrants from other Asian countries and Africa, and less so towards European, white North American, and white Latin American immigrants who can occasionally receive what has been described as overly kind treatment".

I believe (though I am not 100 percent certain) that Mystere has indicated he is Korean. If this is true, it might explain Mystere's racism. Apparently a large percentage of Korean people favor the White race and dislike other minorities. Although (as per Wikipedia) this concerns Koreans living in South Korea (and I have no idea if Mystere has ever even been to South Korea). But he might have picked up his racist attitudes from his parents and community.

He does make it pretty clear (from his posting of the Confucius meme) he hates Chinese people. "Ching Cong" being a phrase used by bigots when mocking the Chinese language. The Confucius meme is one Mystere posted shortly after posting the picture (cartoon) of a man he describes as a "greaser". "Greaser" is a racial slur used to describe a Hispanic person. It is used in California (where Mystere lives) to disparage people of Mexican heritage.

The Confucius meme, BTW, was included in a Mystere-authored post in which the racist trumper falsely claims I called him a "gook" (racist slur against Asian people). This is a lie. I only asked Mystere (because of his use of the slur "greaser") if he thought it would be OK for me to refer to him as a "gook". Of course the answer is no. But Mystere apparently does not like slur words... if they're directed at him.

If Mystere uses them to disparage other minorities? That is obviously OK by him. Although, although given the fact that he lied about my use of that slur, he might be faking his outrage. It surely would not surprise me at all to discover he is a huge hypocrite.

The last meme (#3) is a misappropriated image from the show "The Big Bang Theory". While I have never watched this program, I very much doubt (the character) Sheldon is bigoted against people who are overweight. Or thinks that they smell. I guess Mystere is indicating that he smells me (?). Even though we have never met and live thousands of miles apart. Also despite the fact that Mystere himself is a "fartso".

"Fartso" is a word Mystere invented by combining "fart" and "fatso". But I've seen images of Mystere in which you can see he has a big gut. While Mystere has seen zero images of me. I know this due to the fact that he has posted pictures of a person named "Anthony Sanders" on his blog. A person he claims is me (but is not). Point is, Mystere does not know what I look like.

Another obvious point is that Mystere (despite being a fat-ass himself) is prejudiced against overweight people. As we all know, trumpers are defined by who they hate. Hispanics (who Mystere calls "greasers"), Chinese people, African Americans (use of racial slurs to describe Black people is fine by Mystere), gay people (even though Mystere is gay himself), and people who struggle with their weight. These are all people who Mystere hates. Nice. And he has the nerve to accuse me of what he is guilty of? F*ck you, Mystere.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-126.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Bertha Butt Babbles Endo & Her Younger Brother Edwina Mystere Endo

Barbara Endo confronted her younger brother, Edward. "Look, Ed, I know you're gay. Mom doesn't know and it would kill her if she found out. I also know that you and your boyfriend plan on cohabiting here - as soon as we move out". Barbara was referring to the fact that she and her mother were moving to Torrance. Because their mother Kazuko had decided to sell the family home at 5301 Delong street in Cypress and place their father Tsugo in an assisted living facility (also in Torrance).

Ed looked at his sister angrily. "Bertha Butt, I'm not a homosexual and you know it" Ed sputtered. He almost jumped up from his chair in the kitchen and slapped Babbles across the face, he was so insulted. He stopped, however, afraid his sister would beat him up. "Babbles, being a libtard, you just think it would be cool to have a gay brother. But I'm totally straight. Fact is, I can barely keep the chicks off me. Every night a hotter chick wants to bang. And we have to go to her place for sex because I selflessly volunteered to move back in to help take care of dad".

Ed was referring to the fact that their father had been diagnosed with dementia a few months ago. But he had become too much for Barbara and her mother to handle lately, what with Ed providing no help at all. Ed had begged to move back in because (he said) he was unable to pay his rent. Barbara and her mother agreed, as long as Ed helped care for their father. But, despite his promises, Ed did nothing. Instead he spent his evenings trolling gay bars. Barabara had no idea what he did during the day. But, as she found out from her mother, when Barbara went to work, her brother mostly watched cartoons and ate junk food. And lounged about in his jammies.

One day Ed thought Barbara and their parents were going to be gone all day. Barbara let him know that their father needed to see a specialist in Torrance to be evaluated. But the tests took less time than anticipated and everyone arrived back at the family home hours earlier than when Barbara had told Ed to expect them. Obviously Ed and his guest didn't hear the front door open, because, when Barbara entered the bedroom she shared with her brother, she walked in on Ed and his male guest having sex. Ed was on his knees giving oral pleasure to his friend. "That feels fantastic, Mystere" the man moaned.

Barbara was so shocked she let out a scream, then turned and got the hell out of there. "What happened?" her mother asked. "Nothing" Barbara insisted. "I'm just fed up in regards to what's going on with dad" she fibbed. The doctor had informed them that Tsugo was declining mentally a lot faster than anticipated and would likely have to be placed in a facility soon. And they were going to have to sell the family home to pay for it.

It was a few days later when Barbara broke the news to her brother. "Mom is going to move into an apartment with me in Torrance" she explained. "What about me?" a shocked Ed blubbered. "Where am I supposed to live?". "That man I walked in on you with - I didn't realize it at the time, but later it occurred to me that he is the wrestler Rikishi. Couldn't you move in with him?" Barbara asked. She didn't want her brother to be homeless, but she was in a bind. Her finances were stretched thin and she could only afford a small apartment for her and Kazuko.

Ed looked angry. "You're confused" he said sternly. "You think you walked in on me and another man engaged in homosexual activity, but you're mistaken. I'm not gay". Barbara knew what she had seen. "If you suck another man's penis, I think that means you are gay" she reasoned. Ed looked like he was about to explode. His face was red and the veins on his forehead popped. "Don't worry, I'm not going to tell mom" Barbara promised. "Screw you Babbles" Ed angrily growled under his breath (so their mom wouldn't hear). Then he stormed out of the room.

Barbara was showing a real estate agent around the property later that week when Ed approached the two (they were in the backyard). Ed pulled into the driveway (he was behind the wheel of his Chevy Vega, a rust bucket that barely ran). Seeing his sister with a woman in a yellow coat, Ed jumped out of the vehicle and ran up to them. "Not for sale!" he shouted at the realtor, spittle spraying from his mouth.

"I am buying this property" Ed informed the woman, poking her in the boob to make his point (so squishy. It was really gross). "My bro Rikishi, a famous and rich WWE wrestler has agreed to loan me the money". The realtor looked confused (and perhaps a bit frightened). "Should I leave?" she asked. "No, no" Barbara assured the woman. "Well, maybe you should. I'll call you later". The lady realtor quickly walked out to the curb where she had parked, got in her car and pulled away.

"So, your boyfriend is going to give you the money?" Barbara asked. She didn't know whether or not to believe her brother. "First, Rikishi is not my boyfriend. He's a married man with two kids. He's my bro, not my boyfriend. My boss Bob Wilson had me interview him for KCBC and we became friends". Ed was referring to the Conservative radio station he supposedly worked for. Although he never went to work (Ed insisted that he worked from home editing audio on his computer when pressed).

"Why would he give you so much money?" Barbara asked. "Because he's rich and we're bros" Ed insisted. "You'll see. Give me a week and I'll get you a cashier's check". Barbara wasn't sure if her brother was telling the truth or not, but she decided to give Ed to the end of the week. "If you can get the money, fine" she said. "Otherwise the house goes on the market at the beginning of next week".

"OK, Babbles" Ed agreed. "I'll have the money by then". Barbara really wished her brother would stop calling her Babbles. He had come up with the nickname after she informed him that she was voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary. Her brother looked shocked. "Trump is who you should vote for" he insisted. "The prophet Mark Taylor says God has preordained that Donald Trump will be our next president. Not the Hildebeest".

Barbara wasn't a Christian like her brother. Nor was she a Conservative. Which is why she didn't believe that voting for Hillary would imperial her soul or that she'd go to Hell is she didn't vote for Trump. It did worry her, however, that her brother seemed so convinced by this "Mark Taylor" fellow (an individual who Barbara deemed to be either insane or a con man). Could her brother be suffering from early onset dementia? The doctor had informed her that genetic testing indicated insanity ran in her family (on the male side).

"Homosexuality is vile in God's eyes" Ed exclaimed. "So you can cut it out with the gay stuff. I'm a God fearing straight Christian man" Ed proclaimed when his sister said, yet again, that he was a fag. Clearly she was suffering from serious delusions. "OK, you're not gay" Barbara agreed. She was tired of fighting with her brother.

Ed slid a piece of paper across the table. "Here is the money order I promised you", he explained. "480K is my final offer, btw. Given that this is a private sale and you won't have to pay any realtor fees, it should be more than enough". "Let me take this to the bank" Barbara replied. "If it clears I will accept your offer".

Surprisingly, the check did clear. Soon Barbara, Kazuko and Tsugo were gone and Ed had the place to himself. After Rikishi's lawyer met with Barbara (her mother having given her power of attorney over her parent's affairs) and she signed the paperwork.

"You'll be happy to know that I'm divorcing my wife, Talisua", Rikishi told Ed. Although he called Ed by the name he uses online, "Mystere". "I love you, Mystere", Rikishi proclaimed. He grabbed Mystere and gave him a big smooch, slipping him some tongue. "We will be together soon" Rikishi promised after he and Mystere made love (as they lay in bed cuddling). "I just have to fly to Florida and have my divorce finalized".

Mystere and Rikishi were married in a civil ceremony shortly before the election. When Donald Trump won (as predicted by Mark Taylor) Mystere called his sister. "I told you Donald Trump would win" he gloated. "You really should wake up and get behind our president. I'm worried about your soul, Babbles". The line went dead. "The bitch hung up on me!" Mystere complained. It looked like Satan had won her over. Mystere shook his head. Unless she repented, when Babbles took her dirt nap she would go straight to Hell. It made Mystere sad, but there was nothing he could do, apparently.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-125. TF-15.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Predisent Dotard Admits Collusion. Impeachment To Begin Soon

Breaking news! George Stephanopoulos today (6/12/2019) interviewed predisent Dotard and got him to admit to collusion. Replying to the question, "did you order the collusion?" an enraged Dotard screams, "you're God damn right I did!". Speaker Nancy (after meeting with her caucus), announced that impeachment hearings will begin soon.

Following is an excerpt from the interview.

So there you have it. A full admission to the crime of collusion. Surely the impeachment process will be swift, resulting in Dotard being removed before the end of the year. With Pence being sworn in (probably) around January of 2020. Then later defeated by Elizabeth Warren in November (followed by Warren being sworn in as the 46th US president in January of 2021 and Dotard's prosecution and imprisonment for his many crimes. In state court if Pence pardons Dotard).

Oh no, wait... it appears as though I embedded the wrong YouTube. Below is the correct one.

Obviously you can understand my mistake. In this 4 minute and 44 second video, predisent Dotard admits to collusion. At approximately the 1:45 mark, Stephanopoulos reminds ABC viewers of the tRump tower meeting of 6/9/2016. A meeting that was set up after Dotard Junior received an email informing him that the Russian government wanted to set up a collusion meeting. Dotard Junior responded by saying "I love it".

At the 2:30 mark predisent Dotard insists his son did nothing wrong in taking the collusion meeting. Then he goes on to say that, in the future (i.e. the 2020 election) he absolutely would meet with representatives of a foreign government to discuss collusion.

And, when George Stephanopoulos tells Dotard that his own FBI director Chris Wray says that, instead of taking a meeting, Dotard should immediately call the FBI, Dotard says "the FBI director is wrong". But the FBI director is not wrong.

"I'd go maybe to the FBI" Dotard says. Maybe. But probably not. Did Dotard go to the FBI when his idiot son meet with Russians in tRump tower? No. Instead Dotard made up a lie concerning the meeting being about Russian adoptions.

The reason for the lie was because Dotard knew what his son had done (almost certainly with his knowledge) was wrong. And now we have this admission that, hell yes the Orange Turd will - "if" the opportunity arises, definitely collude again. Or engage in "oppo research".

So, if Dotard Junior did nothing illegal (and Chris Wray is wrong), why did Dotard lie? Perhaps it is because Dotard knew the tRump tower collusion meeting violated federal election law (52 U.S. Code § 30121 - Contributions and donations by foreign nationals).

Or, Dotard may have lied because the FBI warned candidate Dotard in 2016 that Russians would try to infiltrate his campaign. And that Dotard should contact them if that happened. But nobody from the Dotard campaign informed the FBI of the Russian government's support for his campaign (as per the email) before or after the tRump tower collusion meeting.

BTW, how is what Dotard said to Stephanopoulos not a request for foreign governments (Russia, the UAE or North Korea, for example) to do "oppo research" on whoever the 2020 Democratic nominee turns out to be? Of course it is just that. Just like when he requested that Russia hack HRC's server to obtain her deleted emails. Even if Dotard lied about that being a "joke". They did it. And they are probably going to do it again. Hack to help Dotard retain the presidency (along with more of what they did last time).

Meanwhile (the extremely flatulent) Attorney General Bill Barr will be investigating the "oranges"... i.e. putting the screws to our intelligence agencies. "You better ignore the 2020 collusion tRump will be engaging in". Because, you know, Dotard got away with colluding to win the presidency. And now he IS president (incumbent running for re-election). Not a lowly private citizen, but the sitting potus with a compliant AG protecting him. So why won't he get away with colluding again?

Time to impeach. But will Speaker Pelosi agree? Watching MSNBC tonight the consensus seems to be no. Will she agree to impeachment eventually? The consensus seems to be yes. But time is running out. And you know that if impeachment doesn't begin until next year that the republicans will cry foul.

Not that they won't if it begins next year. But 2020 is an "election year" and the Democrats (if they wait until then to begin impeachment hearings) will for sure be doing it purely for partisan political reasons. And a lot of the voters will likely believe it (and not just tRump cultists).

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-124.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Further Thoughts On Mystere's Failed Attempt To Dox Me & Mystere Being Gay

As I recounted in a previous commentary, the tRump loving blogger Mystere attempted to dox me by revealing my "true identity and address" on his blog. According to this pea-brain, my "real" first name isn't Dervish, it's "Anthony". Also, I am a 71-year-old juvenile court judge who works in Waverly TN.

As it turns out, Mystere is wrong about my "true identity". Thank goodness. This fact does not stop him from being 100 percent convinced he is right, however. It also does not change the fact that the a-hole TRIED to dox me. Which isn't a polite thing to do. And why I decided to return the favor and dox him, revealing his true name and address. As well as his true sexual orientation.

Mystere is a closeted gay man with serious mental problems. Apparently (in his delusions) "Mystere" is gay while "Edward Endo" is a macho straight dude who hot chicks find irresistible. LOL! This is why he keeps his marriage (to WWE wrestler Rikishi) a secret from his family. Especially his mother. Mystere is terrified that his bigoted "Christian" mother will find out. From a young age Mystere's mother told him (over and over) that homosexuality is "vile in God's eyes".

This explains why Mystere hates gay people (including himself). Although it's "Edward Endo" who hates gay people. And might commit a hate crime if he ever encountered "Mystere". Especially if Mystere suggested that he lick Edward's butthole while Edward farted (something Mystere is really into).

Does this mean Mystere has a split personality? Not being a psychologist or a psychiatrist, I can't say. I can say that Mystere is definitely nuts. Also definitely in denial regarding his being a gay man. Which is his business. If he wants to remain in the closet, that is. I wouldn't have outed him on this blog except for his hypocrisy. And his hate. That's what really did it for me.

It's one thing to be gay and and want to remain closeted. That is nobody's business. But when Mystere spreads his hate for gay people and votes for a president who seeks to roll back rights for gay and trans people? That is another matter. You say tRump isn't a homophobe? Well, you are wrong. And the definitive proof is who he selected as his Vice President.

Mike Pence is an undeniable homophobe. Dotard sent a message to the homophobe Right by selecting Mike Pence. Mystere can deny it, but that the homophobe Pence is tRump's VP is a major reason why he voted tRump/Pence. Not that, as a Conservative, Mystere would have considered voting for Hillary Clinton. Or even staying home. There are many other reasons why Mystere loves tRump.

But it was the homophobia (amplified big league by putting Pence on the ticket) that convinced Mystere in a bigly way that tRump was "selected by God". As the false prophet Fireman Mark Taylor has "prophesied". Being a phony Christian who looks for reasons to hate his fellow man, Mystere was impressed with the blatant homophobia of the tRump/Pence ticket.

"This is a really Godly duo", Mystere said to himself. This he knew because tRump and Pence hate all the people God tells Mystere to hate. So, YES, I think that this kind of hypocrisy deserves to be outed. You seriously need HELP, Mystere. But he will never seek it. Because Satan has a strong grip on Mystere's heart. And his tiny pea-brain.

Which is why Mystere will never admit he is gay. Or, Edward Endo will never admit it. Although Mystere, while being totally gay, denies it as well. Even when he is having sex with his husband (then writing about it on his blog). In Mystere's mind he "gave in to temptation" and sinned. But God is forgiving. So Mystere promises God that he'll never have gay sex again and asks for forgiveness (a process he repeats on a daily basis).

By the way, further evidence that Mystere is gay is the fact that "Mystere" is a totally gay name. Mystere says that on other social media platforms he goes by "myfoxmystere" because "Mystere" was already taken. I believe this. And I think the other "Mystere" almost certainly selected this alias because he is also gay (though probably not in the closet).

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-123.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Mystere Licks Greaser Butthole

It seems that a Hispanic man named "Gustavo" claims that Mystere offered him money to lick his butthole (Gustavo says Mystere wanted to lick Gustavo's butthole while Gustavo farted).

"Greaser" is a racial slur when used to describe a Mexican. Apparently it's Mystere's go to slur. He used it in a recent comment on my blog, at least. A comment in which he refers to a "greaser" named Gustavo. Mystere writes about Gustavo because he got in trouble with the law. On his blog Mystere links to a Fox story that concerns Gustavo's arrest for selling sick puppies (literally. The puppies were sick and later died).

Not following Mystere's link, I assumed that Mystere was linking to a story about his arrest for selling puppy porn. Puppy porn is (I'm guessing) pornography in which a man (Mystere) has buttsex with male puppies. I don't think I was wrong about that happening, only that Mystere linked to that story (he didn't). I'm thinking now that such a story does not exist (aside from what I wrote on my blog).

Has Mystere been arrested and charged with animal abuse? I'm not sure. The only thing that is clear is that Mystere is making puppy porn (the sicko). I don't know if the police are looking into it or not. I'd call the authorities in Cypress California (where Mystere lives) and report what he's doing... unfortunately I have no proof, only strong suspicions.

Anyway, Mystere (a trumper who very likely supports building a wall to keep out "greasers") is obviously a racist. This I know due to his use of a racial slur to describe Gustavo (a Hispanic man). Gustavo was arrested in California. Despite not living in California, Mystere thinks I know Gustavo. He (in his inane comment) said Gustavo is my "Mexican slave boy".

BTW, the Hispanic man in the image above is a different "Gustavo" and not the Gustavo who was arrested. While Mystere does like to lick men's butts while they fart, I don't believe he'd lick the butt of a "greaser". Due to his hatred for "greasers". I'd bet a lot of money that, when it comes to licking butt, Mystere only licks the butts of White guys. Also Asian guys. I say this because Mystere's husband, the WWE wrestler Rikishi, is Asian.

As is Mystere (his heritage is Asian). Not that I care. But Mystere is proof that Asians can be racist. Mystere is a racist as well as a butt licker. Not that I'd judge Mystere for this. His sexual perversions are his own business. In my opinion. In Mystere's opinion they aren't. Explaining why he writes about his sex life quite a bit on his blog. Despite nobody wanting to know (also despite the fact that Mystere is in the closet).

But now that I do know... if I had to speculate, I'd say it's possible that the "Gustavo" in the image above might be telling the truth. Maybe Mystere got drunk (or high on the Mary Jane) and hooked up with a "greaser" by mistake. California does have a large Hispanic population, so Mystere must encounter "greasers" regularly.

FYI, the cartoon Hispanic man in the image above was included by Mystere in a post on his "Moonbat Spanker" blog. I'm not sure why. I did a Google search on "Mexican Stereotype" and found it. It looks like a journalist named "Gustavo Arellano" who writes for the Salt Lake City Weekly attaches this image to his articles for some reason. Probably because he publishes his articles under the heading "ask a Mexican".

But Gustavo Gonzalez (the Hispanic man who was arrested in California) and Gustavo Arellano (a journalist employed by a publication based in Utah) aren't the same person. One clue is that they have different last names. But Mystere probably Googled "Gustavo", found that image, and (liking it) decided to place it on his blog. And I'd guess Mystere likes it because it shows a stereotypical Mexican (and Mystere is a racist who hates Mexicans).

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-122.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Accused Sick Puppy Peddler Arrested On Felony Charges After Years Of FOX 11 Investigations

As revealed in my prior commentary, Mystere was recently arrested for farting. I admit later in that post, however, that it was Sean Sykes of Kansas City Missouri who ripped a loud fart, forcing the police officer to flee the interrogation room. It turns out, however, that the exact same thing happened to Mystere. Coincidentally. Something I didn't know at the time. Clearly I am a surprisingly prescient prognosticator.

Anyway, unlike Sean Sykes, who was picked up for being caught with a backpack full of drugs and a gun, Mystere was brought in for questioning in regards to puppy pornography he was selling on the street. Homemade DVDs in which the sick freak boinks male dogs in the butt. The charges Mystere faces include animal abuse. That is in addition to the assault charge for flatulence that almost caused a police officer to pass out. After which he may have hit his head and suffered a concussion. So we're talking about something that is really serious.

Apparently Mystere belongs to a group of puppy pedophiles who call themselves the "Cleveland F*ckers". I read about this on Mystere's blog of the same name. I think Mystere admits to his sick perversions because he, instead of being embarrassed for being caught participating in animal rape, is actually proud.

BTW, when I say I "read" about this on Mystere's blog, what I mean is that I read the title of a post on his blog. The "post" (such as it is) is completely devoid of content. Except for a link which I didn't follow. Instead I, given the lack of content in the post by Mystere, decided to make an educated guess as to what Mystere was trying to tell his readers.

Approximately 11 months ago I found an alarming commentary on Mystere's "Moonbat Spanker" blog. In this post Mystere relates a tale in which a "good friend" invited him over to watch some beastality videos. What happened (I'm guessing) is that Mystere went from watching videos others made to "starring" in his own videos.

This despite the fact that (as he related in the post on his blog) the police were investigating. I don't know what took them so long. He should have been arrested a long time ago. But just watching beastality videos (while sick and perverted) is shockingly not illegal. Unlike watching or simply possessing child porn. If you're into child porn the cops will arrest you quick and send you to prison for a long time.

Beastality videos, not so much. So long as you're only watching. Mystere crossed the line into animal abuse when he started filming himself. Although I think it was probably another member of the "Cleveland F*ckers" who filmed him. Hopefully Mystere won't be offered immunity for flipping on his co-conspirators. I imagine the cops (due to the farting incident) aren't inclined to cut Mystere any slack.

Mystere's husband Rikishi better hire a good lawyer if he hopes to keep his mate out of prison. Still Mystere likely won't get much time, given the fact that animal sexual abuse isn't a crime nearly as serious as child sexual abuse. Maybe it should be. But luckily for Mystere it isn't.

BTW, I don't know why the story that Mystere links to on his blog says that Fox 11 investigated for years. My understanding is that the investigation took a little less than a year. But now Mystere must answer for his crimes. And he continued sexually abusing dogs (and filming it) all that time (I assume). It really is a travesty that the cops didn't stop him sooner - in my opinion.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-121.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wish Dotard A Very Crappy Birthday

Today I received an email from the Dotard 2020 campaign with the subject "sign president trump's birthday card". Looks like the birthday boy is going to be turning 73, making him (in addition to being our most corrupt president) our oldest president.

Dervish, President Trump's birthday is coming up on June 14th, and we want YOU to be a part of it. We're surprising him with a HUGE card with signatures from Trump supporters across the country wishing him a happy birthday. Our goal is to get 2 MILLION signatures to let President Trump know how thankful we are for his incredible leadership in our shared mission to Make America Great Again.

Sign the ONLY Official President Trump Birthday Card before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to make sure President Trump sees your name.

We sent President Trump a card last year, and he loved reading all of the encouraging messages from Patriotic Americans across the country. Be one of the FIRST to sign his card and make sure your name is one of the first that he sees when he opens it. Sign the ONLY Official President Trump Birthday Card before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to be one of the first to wish our fantastic President a happy birthday.

Thank you, Team Trump 2020

"Team Trump" says Dotard "loved reading all of the encouraging messages" he received previously (his last birthday in office). I don't buy it. They probably read some messages TO him. As everyone knows, Dotard is barely literate. So I doubt he will ever see the message I sent him.

F*ck you, Dotard tRump! You are an illegitimate Putin puppet. Also a racist, bigoted, misogynist, narcissistic low IQ massively corrupt loser who wears orange clown makeup for some reason.

I was going to ask him to resign, but decided to stick with the insults. Even though, given his reaction to the protests against his England visit, it is clear his narcissism won't allow him be believe that everyone does not love him. Except a few psychos and losers. Everyone else (in Dotard's diseased mind) thinks he is providing "incredible leadership". Ugh.

See the link above if you want to sign the card yourself. But I doubt ANYONE will read what you write. I've submitted similar messages in the past - and yet I am still on their mailing list. And they continue to believe I am a "loyal friend" of Dotard. And that I believe in the Dotard Administration agenda of enriching the plutocrats while screwing working Americans (while lying and saying he is helping them).

Thank you for signing the President's Birthday Card. You have certainly proven yourself to be a loyal friend of President Donald J. Trump through your steadfast support for our shared agenda. Your continued support is critical to Make America Great Again! Please make a special contribution today to commemorate the President's birthday.

If my support is critical, then they (given my non-support) are going to fail? No, they're talking to the dupes - and I am not a dupe. Which is why I sent no money. I did (as I have before) enter a large NEGATIVE amount. Unsurprisingly that doesn't work. So I closed the tab. I wonder if Minus or Mystere reads this - if they'll click the link and donate?

Although they must already be on the mailing list (and may have donated already). Even though the commander who is a thief is stealing this money for himself. "Fake news", no doubt.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-120.