Friday, April 13, 2018

Identity Hijacking Asshole Mystere Posts Fake Comment Wishing Death To Alleged Friend

As I revealed in my previous commentary, the asshole who calls himself Mystere fakes comments on his blog. In addition to comments from me, he fakes comments from a blogger who calls himself "This One".

Fake comments the asshole attaches to a post titled "Keep Who's Your Daddy Blogger Lisa In Your Prayers". As per the blogger Lisa, her husband recently discovered he has cancer.

From her commentary, the cancer her husband has sounds quite serious. Yet this SCUMBAG thinks a fake comment wishing death to Lisa's husband is OK? This SCUMBAG thinks that using Lisa's husband having cancer as an opportunity to attack This One (by making up a fake comment and attributing it to him) is OK?

This One did NOT write the comment wishing death to both Lisa and her husband. Mystere did. I don't know about you, but I find using the illness of (the husband of) an alleged friend as an opportunity to further a "cyberspace peeve" to be beyond the pale.

Proof that this Mystere asshole is a scumbag of the highest order. BTW, if I had commented on Mystere's blog, I would not have wrote "I am not a chicken". Given the fact that I was unaware that Mystere was calling me a chicken. Apparently I'm one of the chicken puppets in the image Mystere inserts at the end of his commentary.

I'm too chicken to "spew my hate" on Lisa's blog. I guess. This "warning" from Mystere despite the fact that I had no intention of "spewing hate" on Lisa's blog. Especially in a commentary about her husband having cancer. Mystere, on the other hand, cleary feels very free to spew HIS hate.

In a post where he offers "prayers". Mystere should be ashamed. Maybe he will delete the fake This One comment out of shame. Although, if he does delete it, I doubt he'll admit it was him (not This One) who posted the vile retort. Even though anyone with half a brain could easily deduce that excuse would be bullshit. Just as his explanation that the prior fake "Dervish Sanders" comments were made by someone else is total bullplop.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-37.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Identity Hijacking Asshole Mystere Fakes "Dervish Sanders" Comments On His Wordpress Blog

The asshole who calls himself Mystere is now faking comments from me on his blog. Today I noticed that, in a post titled "Mein Blog War", following a genuine comment by me, there are 2 more from "Dervish Sanders" that I did not submit.

Ironically in this post Mystere falsely accuses me of "hijacking other bloggers' identities". Additionally, my Gravatar image shows up for these comments. Gravatar images are linked to email addresses. I removed easy access to my email when the blog troll Luke (AKA Paul) indicated that he wanted my email so he could spam me (#201). There may still be someplace where it is displayed. I'm not sure, but he obviously has it (I wanted Blogger friends to be able to contact me privately at the time).

The first comment (which I do recall making) links to "" for some reason. I know for a fact I didn't enter this URL. The 2 fakes link to "" and "". Mystere links to these gay websites because he is a bigot who THINKS God wants him to hate gay people. And, because (in his mind) gay people are vile sinners, that somehow (in the fake Christian Mystere's tiny pea brain) makes it OK to accuse ANYONE he dislikes of being gay.

In any case, it didn't occur to me until now that my Gravatar could be stolen because I made my email address public. Like I said, I don't use Wordpress (although I did set up a Gravatar). I have, however, suspected that this asshole fakes comments. Previously I saw comments on his wordpress blog (attached to a post titled "Introducing Dervish Sanders") in which another blogger he doesn't like (This One) uses 2 racial slurs directed at Mystere (who presents himself as an Asian man).

As for my first comment linking to "", the asshole must have deleted my original comment, then resubmitted it using my original words, my email address, and the gay URL. I know I didn't enter "". PROOF that Mystere is the one who hijacked my name and Gravatar, given the fact that only he (as the blog proprietor) can delete comments (him or anyone he allows access to his blog).

You can't hijack identities on Blogger. Not without it being easy to spot, in any case. You can create a different account and use the same name and avatar, but the account numbers won't match. You can also, using the Name/URL option, enter the name of the blogger who you want to fake a comment by (along with the link to their profile), but the avatar won't show up.

Either the account number won't match or the avatar image won't show up. Faking comments by people who don't use avatars is easier. So long as the Name/URL option is enabled. Which it isn't on any of my Blogger blogs. Wordpress is clearly a different story. It's obviously a lot easier to post fake comments if you use Wordpress. Even if you aren't the blog proprietor.

BTW, In the "Mein Blog War" post, Mystere posts pictures of an Obama dildo, which he refers to as a "gay sex toy". As per Mystere, I post "vile sexually graphic insults". In the same post Mystere talks about (the impossible feat of) inserting heads into anuses (both canine and human) as well as the aforementioned dildo. Which (as per Mystere) is used for (anal) "probing".

Yet Mystere CLAIMS it is I (and other bloggers he does not like, who he refers to as my "butt boys") who are "spewing hate and gay pornography in their vile mean spirited retorts". I don't know what he's talking about, although (I suspect) gay pornography might be found at any of the gay websites HE links to (in his faked comments).

Additionally, the second This One comment attached to the "Introducing Dervish Sanders" post links to "". Proof it was Mystere using racial slurs against himself. Is this guy actually Asian? Who knows.

It is clear who the ID hijacker is, however. It can also be stated (IMO) with a high degre of certainty who the pervert linking to gay pornography is (I didn't follow any of Mystere's links so I can only assume what might be there).

Update: I just tried to submit another comment to Mystere's Wordpress blog using my tablet... and was asked to sign in. Given that Mystere doesn't have my password, what he must have done is to set up another Gravatar account using another (not my) email. And associate MY Gravatar image with it.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-36.

Friday, March 30, 2018

An "Ignorant Peasant Lout" Proffers An Accurate And Honest Evaluation

Fartbreathed Fool.
Reviled Racist.
Evangelical Pseudo Christian Hypocrite.
Egregious Stupidity In Support Of An Orange Turd.
Thinks Tangerine-Tinted Trash-Can Fire is Terrific.
Hate-filled Anti-Semite.
Irrational Cultist.
Narcissistic Nincompoop.
Killing of Enemies His Foul Obsession.
Evil Servant Of Satan.


Note: The first letter of each line spells "FreeThinke". FreeThinke, a deluded member of the Orange Turd Cult, has the habit of accusing others of his sins. For example, he recently urged me to join AA. Not Alcoholics Anonymous, but Assholes Anonymous. I'm an asshole and I'm negative because I don't support the Orange Turd. I'm positive FT supported Obama during his presidency and therefore could not be accused of negativity when the president was Black (not).

BTW, "Narcissistic Nincompoop" is a link to a WYD comment by FT in which he refers to me as an "ignorant peasant lout". As per Mr. Thinke, "ignorant peasant louts always imagine that people with unusual talents must be mad". This was in reply to a comment in which I guessed that Thinke's posting of the same comment over and over (and over again) might be sign of insanity.

"Killing of Enemies His Foul Obsession" is a link to a comment in which FT writes that he'd like to see "Marxicrats" dead. Or "pushing up daisies". A comment he follows up with an evil laugh. Thinke has also told me I should "take a douche with equal parts ammonia and muriatic acid". After which I should "gargle with hot Clorox".

This wish that I suffer an agonizing death from someone who claims to be a "Godly man". Right.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-35.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

To "Overcome Good With Evil" Reason Servant Of Satan FreeThinke Comments Excessively

FreeThinke, a brainwashed member of the Orange Turd Cult, comments excessively on Who's Your Daddy, a Right-wing trumpy blog. When I say EXCESSIVELY, I am not kidding. At least 20 percent of the comments on WYD (which often reach 300-400 hundred or more) are submitted by this lunatic.

Many of the comments consist of cut and pasted poetry, modified poetry, or original poems. The purpose of the poems that he modifies (or are original) is to insult his enemies. Or wish for their deaths. Yet according to this fool, the purpose of his excessive commenting is to "overcome evil".

FreeThinke: I think you ought to take time off from your chidish SNEERING, SNIPING and JEERING and pay close attention to the fairly extensive selection of ingeniously crafted pieces of wit and wisdom I've bothered to post in order to save this thread from becoming just another UNFLUSHED PUBLIC TOILET in which you and your compatriots in calumny feel free to dump mountains of malodorus manure UNIMPEDED to your black heart's content.

Though I'd never in a million years expect any member of WYD's resident Tri-DUMB-Vi-Rate to appreciate it, in a small way I am merely doing what I can to overcome EVIL with GOOD. (2/25/2018 at 9:29am).

Sure. More like "overcome GOOD with Evil". Especially given that FreeThinke LOVES the corrupt racist Orange Turd (aka Predisent Fart, aka MAGA Man, aka Donald Trump). This would be the Orange Turd who colluded with Putin to "win" the 2016 presidential election. According to the #trumpdupe Thinke, I'm "negative" for OPPOSING evil. Which is what the Orange Turd is.

BTW, when I wrote (in response to the FT comment above) "I thought the endless commenting was a sign of insanity", the narcissist with an enormous ego replied with the following.

FreeThinke: Ignorant peasant louts always imagine that people with unusual talents must be mad. (2/25/2018 at 10:05am).

My conclusion is that this "free thinking" chap is a "grade-A, four-letter, blue-ribbon, prizewinning brainwashed, mental defective". This is a insult he hurled at me later in the thread, but (as is often the case), what he accuses others of almost always applies more aptly to him.

Additional evidence that FT is an evil asshole who comments excessively in order to overcome GOOD are his frequent death wishes directed at his enemies (ALL progressive Democrats or people he calls "Marxicrats").

FreeThinke: I'D LIKE to see most of the MARXICRATS pushing up DAISIES, myself. HEh heh heh! (3/7/2018 at 4:20pm).

He even follows up his death wish (for millions of people to die) with an evil laugh. Yet FT thinks he is a "Godly man"??? BULLSHIT!!

Video: Satan laughs when his unwitting black hearted minion FreeThinke espouses evil on his behalf.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-34.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fartbreathed Fool FreeThinke Terrorizes Old Folks Home (Part 1)

"Online, the cantankerous old coot calls himself FreeThinke, but in reality he is a racist, bigoted misogynist fool. Hardly a free thinker" Alvin, the middle-aged manager of the Sunnyview Retirement Community told recent hire, Jenny.

"Anyway, the reason I asked to speak with you, Jenny, is to warn you. Everyone has to take their turn with this Thinke asshole, and today it's you". Jenny, a petite young blond woman who was attending nursing school and who had only recently come to work at the old folks home, looked unphased. "I'm really good with the elderly" Jenny declared confidently.

"That may be so, but you've never encountered anyone as awful as Thinke". Jenny was about to interject again and assure her boss that she could handle the situation, but Alvin raised his hand, indicating that the young nurse-to-be should hear him out. "You may have heard the other employees talk of someone they refer to as Old Mister Fartbreath. Thinke is who they are talking about. That is why I'm warning you. This old codger's breath smells like death itself".

Jenny looked incredulous. "I kid you not" her boss assured her, pushing up his horn-rimmed glasses. "Thinke's breath smells like a rotting corpse that has been sprayed by a potent skunk, only a hundred times worse. Anyway, all you need to do today is to make sure he takes his meds and uses the toilet. Thinke is notorious for, in addition to his fartbreath, shitting himself. Even though he is able to use the toilet. Apparently he gets off subjecting others to his foul stench".

"We've tried to kick him out, but his family is good friends with the owner of this facility. Apparently the owner assured the family that they would not have to take Thinke back. They begged him not to send Thinke back is what I've heard. So we're stuck with him. Even though his presence has caused several employees to quit. But let me say this - if you are able to stomach working with Thinke, there is a bonus in it for you, Jenny. Time and a half for all the hours you spend assisting the old fart".

"That's generous and I could really use the money" Jenny remarked. "That's starting after today. Should you decide you can work with Thinke you'll get time and a half for every shift you volunteer to work with him. Consider today a trial". They spoke for a few additional minutes, then Jenny, the orderly-in-training departed Alvin's office. In her hand was Old Mister Fartbreath's chart. "Here is OMF's chart" Alvin told her as he handed her a clipboard. "OMF"? Jenny inquired. "OMF stands for Old Mister Fartbreath" Alvin explained.

Jenny, after stopping by the employee lounge to change into her white orderly uniform, proceeded to the nurse's office to pick up OMF's meds. An older brunette woman dispensing the meds accepted the chart. Her eyebrows raised. "So, you're the fresh meat assigned to deal with OMF" she remarked. "I'm Elise, btw" the woman said, introducing herself. She proceeded to dispense OMF's meds into tiny white paper cups. "Here you go" Elise said, handing a tray with the medications on it to Jenny. "Good luck".

Jenny accepted the medications and turned to leave, her ponytail swishing. "Wait, you might want to use this" Elise remarked, pulling a jar of Vicks VapoRub from under the counter. "Dab some of this under your nose before entering OMF's room. It will help with the smell" Elise said, proffering the container to Jenny. "No thanks" Jenny said, turning to leave. "Beware the fartbreath!" Elise warned. Jenny couldn't believe it. This poor old man being ridiculed for his breath was unacceptable to her. I'll turn on the charm and soon Mr. Thinke and I will be the best of friends, Jenny decided.

Finding Thinke's room Jenny knocked. No response, so she knocked again. "Come in" a gruff voice said angrily. Entering the room Jenny saw an old man in a bathrobe in front of a computer. His neatly combed hair was dyed brown as was his shortly trimmed beard. Looks pleasant enough, Jenney decided. Thinke was squinting at a computer screen while banging away on a keyboard. "Ha ha ha" Thinke laughed. "Just told a Liberal slime to go fuck himself" Thinke chuckled, explaining his laughter.

Then Thinke turned and Jenny was hit in the face with a blast of his horrendous foul smelling breath. Tears started streaming from her eyes as Jenny stumbled and almost tripped. The stench was overwhelming and Jenny suddenly felt light-headed. Taking a few seconds to collect herself, Jenny approached OMF. "Hi, I'm Jenny, your nurse for today".

"Wow, you are a hot piece of ass" OMF exclaimed. Removing a hand from his keyboard, OMF quickly reached over and pinched Jenny's shapely posterior. "Nice and tight. You must work out" OMF said, smiling. "Obviously you must wear a sports bra when you do, or you'd be in danger of getting knocked out by those large jugs. Are you D or Double-D?". Jenny felt her knees buckle as another blast of sulfurous fartbreath assaulted her nostrils. How could it be possible that a living person's breath was so horrific, she wondered.

"I accidently shit myself, so you're going to have to change my Depends" OMF informed Jenny, smiling again. Jenny blanched. "You sure you can't do that yourself, Mr. Thinke?". OMF frowned. "No, dear. That's why you're here" OMF insisted. "OK" Jenny acquiesced. "But you're going to take your medications when I'm finished". OMF agreed. "It's a deal".

Wiping OMF's soiled rear with a baby wipe, Jenny sprinkled on some talcum powder. The stench, with OMF rolled onto his stomach, was far less than when he was facing her. Jenny went to the bathroom to flush the shit-filled baby wipes she had used cleaning OMF. "Time to put on a fresh pair of Depends" Jenny said, returning from the bathroom with a clean pair of the disposable undergarments.

OMF was lying on the bed, having rolled onto his back. Jenny glaced down and noticed that, even though his member was old and shriveled, OMF was sporting a mini-chub. "How about a handjob first?" OMF inquired. "Masturbation is good for your health, but I've got a problem with arthritis in my wrists".

Noting the revulsion on Jenny's face, OMF added "there is a $100 tip in it for you if you can help an old man out. There, under my MAGA hat". OMF pointed to a red Make America Great Again baseball cap sitting on a shelf nearby. "I'm sorry, I can't accept tips. It's against Sunnyview rules" Jenny protested. She placed OMF's feet in the footholes of the Depends and pulled them up. "That's OK" OMF said, raising his rear end so Jenny could finish pulling up the Depends. "Maybe next time".

"Get me back to my computer" OMF said after Jenny helped him into his robe. "I can't stand easily because of my arthritic knees" OMF explained. Jenny extend a hand and pulled OMF to his feet. Placing his arm around her waist, OMF slipped his hand underneath her shirt, forced his hand inside her bra, and copped a feel. Squeezing her breast, OMF felt about before finding a nipple, which he tweaked. Jenny roughly pushed OMF back onto the bed, crying out "No!".

"I'm not going to tuck my dick into my butthole, G*ddamm it" OMF cursed, taking the Lord's name in vain. "I'm a man and I have needs". "That's sexual assault, Mr. Thinke" Jenny exclaimed. "Bullshit!" OMF grumbled. "What are you, an overly ambitious power whore?". Jenny was angry, but remembering what her superior told her about OMF and his relationship with the owner of Sunnyview, she decided to let it go. She might lose her job if she complained. She surely wouldn't be getting time and a half if she made a stink.

She simply needed to take control of the situation and be be stern with the horny old fart, Jenny decided. "Time for your meds" Jenny said, pouring water from a pitcher into a glass. OMF accepted his meds and washed them down with a swig from the glass. "That's a really nice pair of ta-tas you've got" OMF cracked, smirking. "You will NOT touch me like that again!" Jenny declared sternly.

"Yes, mam" OMF said, perhaps mocking Jenny. She couldn't be sure. Looking around Jenny saw a walker in a corner of the room. She retrieved it and placed it in front of OMF. "You get to your feet yourself" she said. OMF grabbed the walker and pulled himself up. "Ow, my knees!" OMF complained as he rose. Then, using the walker, OMF shuffled back to his computer.

Then he paused. "Get me my wheelchair. I need to get out of this room and breathe some fresh air. It stinks in here for some reason". Jenny pushed OMF's wheelchair up behind him and he lowered his body into it. "I've earned a break from fighting evil online" OMF declared. "I'd like to go for a spin in the courtyard". You can deal with this, Jenny told herself. He's a difficult old coot, but I'll let him know who's boss.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-33. TF-3.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mystere Is Naughty & Gets Punished For Being A Bad Boy

Mystere pulled his Pink Chevy, the Pinkie Toot Toot in the driveway, parking under the carport. Exiting the vehicle Mystere remarked "I'll just throw my pants in the trash". Then he looked down at the driver's seat. "Oh, no!" Mystere cried upon discovering that the fabric was soaked with diaherra. "Rikishi is going to tan my hide when he sees this!".

Mystere was panicked that his husband was going to be so angry. The Pinkie Toot Toot was a wedding gift from his long time boyfriend. "Now look at what I've done" a worried Mystere lamented. "Meh. I'll worry about it later. After I get out of my soiled clothing". Mystere went inside and took a shower.

After dressing he noted, with alarm, what time it was. "I'm missing the Powerpuff Girls" Mystere squealed, running into the living room. "Where is the remote?" Mystere exclaimed, frantically searching for the controller.

Finally Mystere located it and flipped on the TV. "Damn. I should have set a program" Mystere complained when he discovered the episode was almost half over. "Cool" Mystere remarked after looking at the Guide and noticing that there was a marathon running. 20 episodes of Powerpuff Girls followed the one he was watching. "Looks like I'm going to be staying up late tonight" Mystere proclaimed, a smile on his face.

Several hours later Mystere's husband Rikishi returned from work. "I'm home from a long day of wrestling" Rikishi declared upon entering the domicile. "You better have my dinner ready, Mystere" the wrestler muttered. Entering the kitchen, looking around and seeing no dinner, Rikishi exploded.

"Mystere, you are in big trouble!" the muscle bound wrestler roared. "Where the hell are you?" Leaving the kitchen he made his way to the living room. There he saw Mystere on the couch, his eyes glued to the TV screen. "Ha ha ha ha" Mystere laughed. Noticing his husband, Mystere said excitedly "Powerpuff Girls are on. Come watch with me". Mystere, setting his soda aside, munched on some popcorn while patting the couch cushion next to him with his free hand.

"Mystere, where is my dinner?" an angry Rikishi inquired. Mystere looked stunned. "Ohhhh... I forgot. Sorry". "Sorry is not going to cut it, Mystere. Did you even go grocery shopping today?". Mystere squirmed. "Yes, of course I did" he replied.

"Then where are the groceries?" Rikishi asked, his voice quivering with rage. He checked the pantry, the fridge and the kitchen table but there were no groceries. "You're lying to me AND you've been very naughty" Rikishi scolded his husband. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to punish you. If I don't you'll never learn".

"Ha ha ha" Mystere laughed uncomfortably. "You're kidding, right?". "No, Mystere. This time I mean it". Suddenly Mystere made a run for it. He was so scared he almost peed his pants. Rikishi sprinted after the fleeing Mystere and quickly grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. "I'll be gentle on you" Rikishi assured his lover. Then he forced Mystere to turn around. Mystere was shaking and whimpering softly. A wet spot appeared on the front of Mystere's jammie bottoms.

"I'll be a good boy" Mystere promised. "This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me" the wrestler said. Then he struck Mystere in the face with an open hand. Hard. Mystere started bawling. Tears were streaming from his eyes (causing his mascara to run). Rikishi slapped him again. Even harder the second time. Mystere started screaming.

"I'm so sorry" Mystere cried. "I'll never do it again". "Damn right you'll never do it again" Rikishi announced, annoyed with Mystere's blubbering. "Now be QUIET" the hulking wrestler demanded. "Please don't hit me again, Rikishi" Mystere pleaded.

Just then the room was bathed in a flashing red and blue light emanating from the outside windows. A police siren whooped. Then there was a knock at the door. "You stay here" Rikishi commanded. "Open up" a gruff voice insisted. Cracking open the door, Rikishi saw two uniformed officers. "We're here on a domestic disturbance call" the lead officer, an African American man of medium build, informed Rikishi.

"What?" Rikishi responded. "You must have the wrong house. Two bros live here. Yes, we were rough housing, but that's not domestic abuse". "We've been here before, remember" the second officer, a tall White woman with her hair drawn back in a bun, reminded the wrestler. "You been beating on your husband Mystere again?" the lady cop inquired.

"Don't be ridiculous, we were rough housing, like I said. And we're bros, not fags!" an indignant Rikishi replied. "Where is Mystere? We need to hear from him if he is OK or not" the first officer demanded. "I'm right here" Mystere squeaked, slinking up behind Rikishi.

"You need to open this door and let us in right now" the lead officer said loudly, losing his patience. Rikishi wasn't happy, but he knew the law so he opened the door. "I'm fine" Mystere blurted. His cheeks were a bright fiery red and his nose was bleeding. He also had a split lip.

The female office approached Mystere, brushing past a stoic Rikishi. "Did Rikishi do this to you?" the lady cop asked. Mystere shook his head no. "Then how did this happen?" the female officer inquired. Mystere refused to answer. "Do you wish to press charges, sir?" the male officer asked.

"No, of course not" Mystere replied. Finally, after several more minutes of questioning, the officers departed. The female officer handed Mystere a card. "Call me if you change your mind about pressing charges" she said. "There is help for battered husbands such as yourself" the officer counseled Mystere. "You don't have to be afraid".

"So, you like rough sex?" Rikishi asked Mystere after the police car pulled out of the driveway and drove away. He was referring to the excuse Mystere gave that finally convinced the Fuzz to leave. "Yes, sir" Mystere agreed. "I told the officers we aren't fags" Rikishi exclaimed. "You made me look like a liar" the wrestler complained. "Are you a fag, Mystere?".

"Homosexuality is vile in God's eyes" Mystere whispered. "Damn right. You're going to have to pray to God for forgiveness again after I get done f*cking you" Riskish remarked. "Now follow me into the bedroom, you naughty boy". Mystere compiled, and soon the two husbands were engaging in some intense make-up sex.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-32. TF-2.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Ballad Of FreeThinke, Brainwashed Member Of The Orange Turd Cult (A Poem)

FreeThinke is a serious #trumpdupe.
"I only believe lies I like", said the man whose brain has turned to poop.
If you disagree he'll compose a nasty poem about you.
He's a name calling man child, that surely is true.
Cite facts Thinke does not like and he'll wish that you die.
Proof in his addled senile mind he's a great Christian guy.
Trump is a nitwit, but Thinke believes he is great.
The Black thug who was prez before is way below second rate.
Thinke, a racist misogynist, says if you oppose the Orange Turd it's Satan you love.
Thinke will be surprised when he croaks and his soul is directed below, NOT above.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-31.