Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump-Voting Republican Caught Sodomizing Pit Bull Pup

What's up with these trumpers? Another one of their sick freaks goes off to boink his girlfriend's pit bull pup. According to WIBW News 13, the the Wichita Police booked into jail a 55-year-old Trump voter on counts of animal cruelty, criminal sodomy, and domestic battery. They did not release the sick freak's name.

This news came to my attention via a posting on the blog of a trumper who calls himself "Mystere". Although the liar Mystere claims that the Wichita man who sodomized the pup is a Liberal. Even though the article Mystere links to does NOT identify the man as a Liberal.

Instead it identifies him as a Trump-voting Republican. This makes a lot more sense to me, given the trumper's acceptance of sexual perversions such as it being OK to grab women by the privates. Also thinking it's just fine to bang porn stars shortly after your wife gives birth to yet another child.

So-called Christian Conservatives have no problem when a Republican predisent does these things. Their "religious leaders" give said predisent a "mulligan". Surely if Trump boinked a canine they'd accept it too. Mystere himself has referred to sex with a dog as "the pleasure of a lifetime".

The woman who owned the puppy... told investigators she got into a fight with her Trump-supporting boyfriend on Tuesday and, when she came home, he was having sex with the dog. ... Police say there was physical evidence of previous physical abuse to the dog. Wichita police say they're looking for a Trump-voting man who may have battered a five-month-old pit bull.

[The] woman... put in a request to talk to detectives who deal with sex crimes. "I should have dumped him after he told me he voted for Trump" the distraught woman said. Police went to the 1300 block of N. Meridian to find the Trump-voting man, but he wasn't around. ...

"We have seen an uptick in these kind of sick crimes" the lead investigating officer noted. "And the animal raper is, unsurprisingly, always a Trump supporter" the disgusted officer added. (Police: Wichita man caught having sex with pit bull pup has been arrested).

For the record, I amended the article by adding the portions in purple font. As I said previously, the article does not identify the man as a Liberal. Mystere lied. But the article also does not identify him as a Republican (Trump voter or otherwise). I tell you this because I am not a dishonest blogger like Mystere.

Mystere: Wichita Man Caught Sodomizing Pit Bull Pup... What's up with these liberals? Another one of their sick freaks goes off to boink his girlfriend's pitbull pup. (6/20/2018 at 10:54am).

What's up with this sick freak Mystere? This is the second time he has posted about a man caught having sex with a canine. Remember Mystere referred to sex with a dog as the "pleasure of a lifetime". That is an exact quote from a post by Mystere. The first post where he wrote about a man sodomizing a dog.

The first time he linked to an article from "The Mystery Vault", a fake news (looking) site. Their facebook site claims that you should read their articles because "you've been lied for long". I'm guessing they meant "you've been lied to for a long time".

The WIBW News 13 article is titled "Wichita man caught having sex with pit bull pup has been arrested". The concluding sentence of the article says "Police went to the 1300 block of N. Meridian to find the man, but he wasn't around. No arrests have been made".

The article reports that the woman "got into a fight with her boyfriend on Tuesday and, when she came home, he was having sex with the dog". A few lines later the article says "a woman told police she came home on Tuesday to find her boyfriend having sex with the dog". Why does Nick Viviani (the article author) repeat information he JUST gave?

So, while the article never identifies the Wichita man as a Liberal (despite Mystere's lie), it is poorly written. Which makes it suspect to me. The police put the man in jail, then let him go/dropped the charges (seeing as "no arrests were made"). And the woman (apparently) walked in on the man abusing her dog, walked out, then walked in again (explaining the repeat of the line about her walking in to find her boyfriend sodomizing the dog).

Apparently the pervert Mystere is Googling for article about men having sex with dogs. He must be very interested in the topic. Then, when he finds one, he posts it to his blog. Along with a claim that the animal abuser is a Liberal. Whether the (in both cases poorly written) article says so or not.

Frankly I think it more likely that, in the two cases Mystere blogged about, the sick freak in question is a trump voter (for the reasons I previously noted). If both article aren't fake news, that is. The Mystery Vault article clearly being fake news (it identifying the animal abuser as a Democrat in it's headline is obvious bullplop).

The WIBW News 13 article (which never identifies the 55-year-old man as a Liberal) being possibly true. It might be actual news from an real news website, despite being poorly written. BTW, the name of the man isn't known because (as per the article), the police "did not release is name". I assume that Nick Viviani meant to write that the police "did not release HIS name".

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-52.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pervert Mystere Brags About His Orgasmic Dumps (It's Called "Poophoria")

The sick pervert Mystere writes about feeling a tingle up his "l'eggs" (legs) while pooping in his outhouse in a recent commentary from one of his numerous blogs (see excerpt below).

Mystere: Perhaps you'll feel a "thrill up your l'eggs" after you take some dumps in your outhouse. (6/17/2018 at 1:44am).

Sorry, Mystere, but I use a modern flush toilet, not an outhouse. My guess is that Mystere uses an outhouse because he likes the smell of fermenting feces and urine. It's called "jenkem" and, as per Ducky, Mystere likes to get high by huffing it. Wikipedia notes that "jenkem is an inhalant and hallucinogen created from fermented human waste".

Ducky's Here: Eddie sure does love his caca. Nothing like it when he's huffing jenkem at blog Rikishi. (2/12/2018 at 5:10pm).

It also appears as though the act of pooping gives Mystere an additional high. I'd never heard of "poophoria" before, but did a Google search based on what Mystere wrote about feeling a thrill up his legs (which he types as "l'eggs" for some reason).

Researchers have revealed why, for some, going to the bathroom can be "like a religious experience or an orgasm". A Princeton doctor has revealed the key is the passing of a large stool. This, he claims, can stimulate nerves in the body more usually associated with orgasm. ...

Dr Sheth said the euphoric high, dubbed "poo-phoria" is caused by a drop in blood flow. "The net effect of this is a drop in your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn decreases blood flow to the brain. ... When mild, the lightheadedness can lead to a sense of sublime relation – the high". (Princeton Doctor Explains Why Going #2 Can Feel Like A "Religious Experience" Climax For Some Freaky Azz Folks! 2/14/2014 article).

Obviously Ducky was right. Mystere loves all things caca. Stinkfaces (sniffing farts AKA eproctophilia), huffing jenkem (fermented feces and urine) and poophoria (getting high via pooping). Clearly Mystere suffers from a serious psychological problem known as coprophilia.

As per Wikipedia this disorder can result in "sexual dysfunction, require participation of nonconsenting individuals, lead to legal complications, [and] interfere with social relationships". Surely a successful wrestler like Rikishi can afford to pay a psychiatrist to help his husband Mystere. But Mystere won't admit he has a problem because he is deep in denial (and strongly relies on transference to falsely accuse others of having HIS problems!).

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-51.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Pervert Mystere's Reference To Something He Calls A "Sperm Smear Spree"

The sick pervert Mystere references something he calls "a sperm smear spree" in a recent lie-tastic commentary on his "Liberal Troll Watch" blog (post authored by Mystere sockpuppet "donkey's revenge").

Dervish went on a sperm smear spree when he read my post. He showed his queer fixation of men's genitals when he said that I wanted to see pictures of "Jesse" with his pants down. Dervish must be fantasizing seeing a photo of that vile pervert playing with himself. Dervish was probably jerking off with himself when he wrote his perverted vile retort.

Sanders claims he's a Christian, yet his actions on his left wing extremist hate blogs bear the fruits of Satan. Hey Dervish, go wipe yourself. Perhaps you'll feel a "thrill up your l'eggs" after you take some dumps in your outhouse. (6/17/2018 at 1:44am).

I have never heard of a "sperm smear spree". I'm never gone on a "sperm smear spree". But Mystere throws out this phrase and expects people to know what the hell he's talking about. This suggests to me that Mystere is VERY familiar with what a "sperm smear spree" is. Because MYSTERE has gone on a "sperm smear spree". Many times (I suspect).

Where are you smearing your sperm, Mystere? What is causing you to produce this sperm (that you later smear somewhere/on someone)? Did Jesse send you that dick pic you were yearning to receive? One in which he is "playing with himself"?

BTW, unlike Mystere I am not bigoted against gay people. I just wish he'd keep his gay fantasies to himself. Especially the grosser ones like the "sperm smear spree". I don't even WANT to know what a "sperm smear spree" entails. Mystere, if you read this, please do NOT explain what you do when you go on a "sperm smear spree".

For the record, while Mystere is a (self-hating Conservative) gay man and a sick pervert, that does not mean all gay men are sick perverts. Most gay people have totally normal sex lives. They are just like straight people in that regard. They are just not attracted to women. I'm not bigoted against gay people (like I said), but I am bigoted against assholes like Mystere. I wouldn't care that he's gay if he wasn't a hypocrite about it.

I wouldn't even care about him being a sick pervert*. Just keep your sick perverted fantasies to yourself. Or, at the very least, don't involve me in them. i.e. I don't want a "stinkface" from your boyfriend (despite repeated offers), to go on a "sperm smear spree" with you, or describe to you the feelings I have while pooping (feelings I have never had, although Mystere apparently has experienced a "euphoric high, dubbed poo-phoria").

(*So long as the sick perversions take place between consenting adults. If not, then I absolutely do care. Like when Mystere claimed that sex with a dog is "the pleasure of a lifetime". How did the sick pervert Mystere come to this conclusion? Obviously he has to have had buttsex with a dog at least once. But even once is NOT OK, Mystere! It is animal abuse).

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-50.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pervert Mystere Thinks Sex With Canines Is "The Pleasure Of A Lifetime"

That the sick pervert Mystere thinks sex with canines is "the pleasure of a lifetime" is a quote from a recent commentary on his "Moonbat Slayer" blog.

Michigan Democrat Sodomizes His Basset Hound... This is the Democratic Poster Boy of the Democrat's Gold Standard of High Morals: Michigan Democrat Joseph Hattey. Hattey just got arrested for having sex with his Bassett Hound. Democrats are celebrating their Gay Pride Month and this happens. Someone got this dog boinker bailed out. Hattey works for MSU in the veternary department, so he has access to any mutt he wants.

Hey liberals, bring your flea ridden mutts to MSU for a gold standard flea bath! Joey will give them the pleasure of a lifetime when he's done with them! Ask for the Irl Hudnutt/Dervish Sanders special. (6/16/2018 at 10:47pm).

Mystere links to an article from the Lansing State Journal as his "proof" that what he is reporting is accurate (see update below). Which it mostly is. One "error" in Mystere's blog post is his claim that Joseph Hattey is a Democrat. He may be a Democrat, he may be a Republican. The article does not say anything about Hattey's political affiliations (if any).

Yet, according this this pea-brained idiot, not only is Hattey a Democrat, but Democrats everywhere are celebrating this degenerate's animal abuse (sodomizing a basset hound). Which is absolutely not the case.

With his reference to Gay Pride Month is clearly suggesting that having sex with dogs is the next step. If you are gay there is no depths to which you will not sink. Sexually abuse animals? Sure, why not. If you're a gay pervert why not be a sex with animals pervert. In the homophobe Mystere's tiny bigoted mind, at least.

On the other hand, it seems as if Mystere is REALLY into sex with dogs. Remember the line I quoted? Sex with a dog is the "pleasure of a lifetime". Not for him, but for the dog that Mystere has buttsex with. BTW, I know it's buttsex because (as per the article) Hattey was caught having sex with a male dog.

So, given the fact that Mystere was talking about the article, I assume what he's saying is that it is the "pleasure of a lifetime" when he has buttsex with a boy dog. The pleasure of a lifetime... for the dog. Does Mystere believe that he's doing the canines he has buttsex with a huge favor?

Who knows? Or cares. One thing for certain is that Hattey is in big trouble and will likely go to prison... and Mystere should join him. Throw the book at both of these canine rapers, I say. Hattey and Mystere should both get the maximum sentence because they are both sick freaks.

As for this treatment (buttsex with your pet), I do NOT think it is the "pleasure of a lifetime" (for the canine or for me). So that Mystere refers to this as the "Dervish Sanders special" is complete horseshit. Clearly animal abuse is the MYSTERE special.

Update 6/17/2018: Mystere changed the article his post links to. Previously he linked to an article from the Lansing State Journal which makes no mention of Hattey's political affiliation. Now he links to an article from "The Mystery Vault". What is "The Mystery Vault"? Looks like a CONservative conspiracy/fake news website to me. Their "about" page on Facebook says "What you need to know about the world you live in. You've been lied for long. And will continue to be lied to if you will not search the truth".

So, is what the Mystery Vault saying is that they will provide #trumpdupes like Mystere with the "truth"? The title of the article is "Democrat University Professor Arrested For Sodomizing His Dog". However, if you read the article, it never says how the author determined that Hattey is a democrat. Apparently it's called the "Mystery Vault" for a reason. It is a mystery how they come by their "facts".

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-49.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pervert Mystere Likes Dressing In Women's Underwear. Also, He Wants To See Your Dick Pics

What follows is a post from "Liberal Troll Watch" written by the trumper Mystere using his donkey's revenge sockpuppet.

MoveOn Trolls Harvest Phone Numbers... A lady friend of mine recently came to me for some advice on how to deal with a creep who somehow got a hold of her phone number illegally. My friend "Tori" forwarded a creepy text from a MoveOn volunteer, begging for a date. This creep "Jesse" asked for an explicit photo of her, asking her to pose in her bra and panties. Tori was freaked out after receiving this text. This dimwit libturd Jesse isn't very bright. Tori and I are waiting for this pervert Jesse to commit a big boo boo that will end up humiliating him.

Liberals are not very bright. These dimwits are more than eager to take shortcuts down the highway of destruction and misery. Tori set a trap, hoping that Jesse becomes super horny enough to become careless. Jesse reminded Tori of that liberal creep Senator Underpants, the guy who just got recalled.

Note: Tori & Jesse are aliases for those involved. (6/7/2018 at 2:27pm).

"Careless" and so "super horny" that he'll send dick pics, which Mystere is desperate to see. Apparently he isn't aware that those kind of pictures are easy to find online. Although, perhaps he just likes tricking straight guys into sending him dick pics by pretending to be a woman (that there is no "lady friend" and "Tori" is actually Mystere would be my guess).

Next comes the humiliation, which might involve Mystere blackmailing "Jesse". An individual who probably is not a MoveOn volunteer. Otherwise "Tori" could report his harassment and misuse of her phone number... to MoveOn. I'm sure they do not want people who would do such things volunteering for them.

But, in Mystere's imagination, MoveOn is probably in on it. Does Mystere think that MoveOn instructed it's volunteers to "harvest" phone numbers and send texts requesting underwear pics to women (for some not readily apparent reason)?

BTW, if someone acquired the phone number of "Tori" illegally, why not report it to the authorities, Mystere? What I think happened is that Mystere sent Jesse a picture of himself in his bra and panties and wanted to see a weinergram in exchange. Jesse texted back "yuck, leave me alone pervert", and Mystere got mad.

Mystere had already fulfilled his part of the exchange, and how dare Jesse not send him that dick pic? Especially when he was eagerly awaiting it. With a bottle of lotion and box of tissues close at hand.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-48.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Have You Laughed At A Trumper Today? A Delusional Mystere Freaks Out Again!

Apparently Mystere has been getting high huffing farts again. And it was while high that Mystere concluded it was his serious enemy "Irl Hudnutt" (aka Donald Boratz III) who got Mystere's WordPress blogs shut down with fake comments.

Mystere lost his WordPress blogs after I found comments that were made with my Gravatar account. Even though it wasn't me that wrote these comments, there they were, showing up under my name. I contacted Gravatar and they decided Mystere had violated their terms of service (TOS) and that he should be punished by having his WordPress blogs suspended.

Mystere, convinced that Irl Hudnutt faked the comments, is currently freaking out, worried about what Irl might do next. Will Mystere lose his Google blogs as well?

It absolutely could happen, given the fact that Irl is a computer genius. A computer genius who lives "back east" and uses proxy servers to mask his IP. This is how he fooled WordPress into thinking it was Mystere who posted the fake "Dervish Sanders" comments on his Moonbat Spanker blog.

Mystere should give it up. Admit defeat and quit blogging. Irl Hudnutt is coming for him and Mystere, with his tiny pea-brain, does not stand a chance. Mystere made some serious enemies who, after having laid low for awhile, are coming for him.

I kid, of course. I did Google the name "Irl Hudnutt" and found a Blogger account with this name attached to it. Do he and Mystere have a past? Are they bitter enemies from long ago (Mystere claims that Irl has been trolling him for 9 years)?

Apparently the answer to this question is YES. I say this because Irl Hudnutt commented on my prior blog post. According to Irl his name is not "Donald Boratz III". That is a delusion dreamt up by Mystere's tiny pea brain.

Mystere claims that this feud between us started because *I started trolling him*. And he makes similar claims concerning Irl Hudnutt.

Mystere: ...when you started trolling me, I fought back... (5/28/2018 at 2:46pm).

Mystere: I have a blog enemy who's been trolling me off and on for 9 years ... This troll is Irl Hudnutt aka Donald Bortz III... (5/17/2018 at 9:21am).

Irl Hudnutt says Mystere got booted from a blog Irl used to contribute to because Mystere left "leave strange, incoherent comments". Which I can absolutely believe. Given that I've seen Mystere make many strange, incoherent comments on Who's Your Daddy.

Mystere apparently began baselessly attacking Irl Hudnutt after being banned for the incoherent comments. Mystere created two blogs to trash Irl Hudnutt with a load of lies. Irl Hudnutt's Pignen and Irl Hudnutt Is A Jackass. There may be more that I am unaware of.

Mystere claims he's a Christian, but he's a racist trumper who attacks Muslims, gay people and other targets of the hate-filled Christian Right. Irl says Mystere is an "evangelical nutjob" and I agree. With Trump in the White House these "evangelicals" can't hide from their hypocrisy any longer. They say they're the party of "family values" but support an amoral man who has been married multiple times, each time divorcing to marry a younger woman. He has never been faithful while married to any of them. This includes his current wife. Clearly he does not take marriage vows seriously.

His evangelical supporters acknowledge that Trump is a cheater who has never even attempted to be faithful. They don't care (while continuing to care about Bill Clinton's faithfulness). Other Trump sins are "fake news" and vigorously denied. That Trump is a racist, a traitor who won the election with help from Russia, has laundered money for Russian oligarchs, and is currently filling the swamp (in violation of the emoluments clause from day one, pay-for-play on an unprecedented level, etc) are liberal fantasies and lies spun by the "enemedia".

BTW, don't forget that Trump is seeking to slash programs that help the poor and enforce policies that harshly punish "illegal aliens". All things a good Christian man would do, in other words. Explaining why Fake Christians like Mystere love him.

This must be why Mystere disliked Irl Hudnutt's blog, 10 Minutes With Bob Dutko. Bob Dutko is a Christian conservative radio host. Irl's blog (which does not appear to be active any longer) was critical of Bob.

Mystere must be a Bob Dutko fan. That, or he just felt the need to come to the defense of a fellow Christian Conservative. Bob is "one of America's most listened to Christian Radio Talk Show Hosts". Bob also "fearlessly defends the Christian truth" (according to Bob). So I guess that explains it. Mystere does hate anyone who disagrees with Right-wing Christian "truths". Typical for an intolerant "Christian Conservative" evangelical.

Mystere likely imagined (many times) that Rikishi gave Irl Hudnutt a "blog stinkface". He's repeated this nonsense about "blog stinkfaces" and "slapping around" on numerous occasions in regards to me. But that's Mystere writing like a "street dude", being "laid back and casual" and "shooting straight from the hip" (how the idiot describes his blogging style). LOL!

Mystere is a trumper that is easy to laugh at. Trump was sent by God according to this idiot. Mystere says that Barack Obama (a US citizen born to a US citizen mother) somehow "carpetbagged" his way into the White House. With the help of Satan. Trump, on the other hand, is "God's chosen one". Evangelical nutjob INDEED.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-47.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Other Mystere Blogs Shut Down By WordPress (Irl Hudnutt's Revenge?)

According to Mystere it wasn't just his Moonbat Spanker Wordpress blog he lost when I reported him to Gravatar for hacking my account and posting fake "Dervish Sanders" comments.

Mystere: A vile sleazy blog troll has gone out on a personal attack against me for calling him out, and got several of my WordPress blogs suspended. (5/14/2018. Cleveland Foxers blog. Post: A Heads Up To The Gang).

Several of Mystere's WordPress blogs were suspended? At the time the only suspended blog I was aware of was the Moonbat Spanker. Since then I've found three others. Lester Liberaldude Is A Dingbat, Irl Hudnutt's Pigpen and Irl Hudnutt Is A Jackass. All of these blogs currently show up as being suspended.

These must be the other blogs he refers to. Was he posting fake "Dervish Sanders" comments on these blogs as well? Beats me. They've all been suspended though. So that's 4 WordPress blogs he lost (that I'm aware of). While he got to keep one. Apparently because he's a co-author with a number of other people. Although it appears as though all these other people departed and he has "Cleveland Foxers" to himself.

The two Irl Hudnutt blogs appears to be sites Mystere set up to attack an enemy of his. Although the last post on the "Pigpen" blog is titled "Pookie Toot Toot's Drivel". Pookie is an imaginary enemy of Mystere's. That, or it's a generic insult that can be applied to anyone. I'm not sure. I think he's referred to a number of people as "Pookie Toot Toot".

Maybe "Pookie Toot Toot" is also Irl Hudnutt?

Mystere: I have a blog enemy who's been trolling me off and on for 9 years, long before This One and you. This troll has attacked me by stealing my avatar to attack others with. He also attacked me with This One, getting some of my blogs shut down with false allegations. He also got Porky banned from Google in late 2010 to early 2011. When he found that Porky had given Donkey's Revenge administrative powers on his blogs, he tried to get The Donkey's Revenge and Chopped Wackos shut down, but failed when Google reviewed the protest and found they were wrong in shutting the blogs down. This troll is Irl Hudnutt aka Donald Bortz III, a troll back east who attacked one of my colleagues regularly with a hate blog. Hudnutt's M/O fits the description of what's going on in some of the attacks. Hudnutt uses proxy servers to mask his IP as part of his m/o. Inside Donny's Head and Irl Hudnutt's Pigpen were 2 blogs originally dedicated to Hudnutt's whoppers told on his blog. (5/17/2018 at 9:21am).

"Inside Donny's Head" is a blog that was shut down by Google sometime prior to 11/1/2011. This is according to a post on "Porky's Big Payback" . This is another Mystere Google Blogger blog. This one he writes using his Porky sockpuppet (even though no "Porky" is listed as a contributor, the post's attribution does say "Porky" is the author).

Me, I don't know if there is any such person as Irl Hudnutt aka "Donald Bortz III". I'd guess there probably is (there is a Blogger ID with that name attached to it). As per Mystere he's the one who used a "backdoor way of spoofing" my ID on the Moonbat Spanker blog.

Mystere is an innocent victim of Irl Hudnutt. He's the real bad guy here. An evil mastermind who "uses proxy servers to mask his IP". Poor Mystere! Looks like he's playing the "Blame Irl Hudnutt For Every Problem Card" over this incident. If Irl Hudnutt is involved maybe it's because Mystere spread lies about him in the past. Are those he smeared rising up to slap him around and cause him some serious butthurt?

Providing that this "Irl Hudnutt" is a real person and not a figment of Mystere's imagination, of course. But I have no doubt Mystere is very good at making enemies. Something that might be causing Mystere to panic and go apewol.

Mystere only has himself to blame, of course. You made some serious enemies with your vile retorts, Mystere. Looks like you're getting punked by Donald Boratz or Irl Hudnutt or some other enemies you've made by posting vile retorts on other people's blogs. Deal with it!

Here's some salve to take the pain away, Fartbreath Mystere. LOL! Mystere is really going to need it after the Orange Turd is impeached and removed from office.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-46.