Monday, October 15, 2018

DNA Test Reveals Elizabeth Warren Has Native American Ancestry

As per the WYD trumpers, Elizabeth Warren is a liar concerning her Native American ancestry. She lied in order to gain advantage (even though the evidence shows she advanced on merit and not due to having Native American blood).

My assumption was that what Elizabeth Warren's mother told her (when she said "your grandfather is part Delaware... and your grandmother is part Cherokee") may or may not have been accurate. Because the fact is that "more Americans claim descent from at least one Cherokee ancestor than any other Native American group". Even though "the belief in Cherokee ancestry is more common than actual blood ties".

My opinion was that Warren supporters would not care one way or the other. I know I did not care. However, as it turns out, what Elizabeth Warren's mother told her was spot on. She DOES have Native America ancestry. As per a DNA test, the results of which Warren recently released.

Senator Elizabeth Warren made public the results of a DNA test on Monday, which an expert said shows "strong evidence" that she has a Native American ancestor. ... "The vast majority" of Warren's ancestry is European but "the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor" six to 10 generations ago, according to Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor who analyzed the results. ... Warren has said that her great-great-great-grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith, was partially Native American. (Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Results by Willa Frej. HuffPost 10/15/2018).

The Orange Turd, who promised ONE MILLION DOLLARS to a charity of Warren's choice should she take a DNA test (and the results showed she has Native American blood), now says "who cares". Given the fact that the trumper cultists take their cues from their Orange Turd Cult leader, I expect similar responses from the WYD horde of howling baboons. Who (previously) INSISTED that such "lies" pointed to a major flaw in Elizabeth Warren's character.

Minus FJ: The cheap beyotch Lizzie Warren ought to fork $69 bucks over to the people for a DNA test. (3/1/2018 at 11:42am).

Joe Conservative: Take the DNA test, Lizzy! (3/2/2018 at 3:31am).

Thersites: lol! ...a fraud upon the student bodies of the universities in which she taught was committed. Blame them, or blame her, she never tried to set the record straight. And she's on the same path today. Fauxcohontas, indeed! (3/10/2018 at 9:27am).

The "Joe Conservative" comment links to a 4/17/2017 Breitbart story titled "Elizabeth Warren Repeats Her False Claims of Native American Ancestry in New Book". According to the Breitbart author "in 2012 Breitbart News exhaustively documented the facts surrounding Senator Warren's claims of Native American ancestry and demonstrated that no credible evidence exists to support those claims".

Breitbart author Michael Patrick Leahy is a liar. He might be correct about there (at the time) being no "credible evidence" (her mother might have been mistaken), but that does not make the claims "false" (as the title of the article asserts). He could have said "dubious", but "false" suggests that Warren took a DNA test and it said that Warren absolutely no way has Native American ancestry. Which was not the case then.

And now we know for certain that the "claim" is not "false", but TRUE. So what will Minus say given this development? I seriously doubt he will issue an apology. Most likely he will blame Warren. She should have taken the test earlier, and, because she didn't, she invited such criticism. aka the "why did you make me hit you?" defense.

So, does this mean that Elizabeth Warren is running for president? I say yes. Also, she has my vote. BTW, what about the tRump family's claim that they were Swedish? As per The Week Trump incorrectly claimed to be Swedish for decades. Apparently Fred tRump didn't want Jewish renters to know he was German. And, since it was already out there, Donny kept up the lie... through the 1980s.

But there was no controversy at all. tRump said nothing about his (and his father's) prior misrepresentation of their heritage (as far as I know). Although he felt free to continue criticizing Warren for ACCURATELY claiming that she has native American ancestry. Maybe we should start calling Donny "Lying Lars Gustafsson"? With apologies to the Swedish politician Lars Gustafson as well as the Swedish author Lars Gustafsson. Given that there is no way either of those two gentlemen could possibly be as big of an asshole as Donald tRump.

Video1: Quote (as transcribed by me from the video below), "I promise you I'll do this ... I will give you a million dollars, to your favorite charity - paid for by tRump - if you take the test and it shows you're an Indian. And let's see what she does. I have a feeling she will say no". Conclusion? tRump owes $1 million to the charity of EW's choice. PAY UP! (2:44).

Video2: In this video from 10/15/2018 the Lying Orange Turd falsely claims that he never made the offer to give 1 million dollars to the charity of Elizabeth Warren's choice. "I didn't say that. You better read it again". Also, now that her heritage is no longer an issue he can use to beat her up, says "who cares. Who cares". YOU cared, asshole! (1:01).

Video3: As per DJT's ghostwritten 1987 book The Art of the Deal, "his story is classic Horatio Alger. Fred Trump was born in New Jersey in 1905. His father, who came here from Sweden as a child, owned a moderately successful restaurant" (1:29).

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-85.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Apparently Minus FJ Wants To Round Up All The Homos & Throw Them In Prison (A Moderate Position, He Claims)

Now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court it is only a matter of time before the Right-wing Catholic majority starts rolling back rights. This is a prospect that makes Minus FJ, a homophobic trumper, very happy.

-FJ: Goodbye Roe. Goodbye Lawrence. :) (10/7/2018 at 12:13pm) WYD.

Note that Minus does not say the court is going to (first/only) get rid of Obergefell v. Hodges, which would be the 2015 Supreme Court case that made same sex marriage legal. No, he wants to overturn Lawrence v. Texas, which is a 2003 case that made "same-sex sexual activity legal in every US state and territory".

This would effectively criminalize being gay. Unless you're gay and chaste. Then you might be safe. Otherwise you could get arrested. Note that anti-sodomy laws apply to hetrosexual people as well. Given that both gay and straight people do it in other holes. But I'm sure Minus does not have (nor has he ever had) either anal or oral sex. He only does it missionary with a woman. As God intended.

Although he cites another reason (not God) for wanting to bring back anti-sodomy laws.

-FJ: ...yes, I also oppose all forms of sodomy, too. STDs in the general population need to be kept to a minimum. No one has the right to spread STD recklessly. (10/8/2018 at 5:57pm) WYM.

So, after Lawrence is struck down (followed by Obergefell), I assume the authorities will start prosecuting and imprisoning gay people? Possibly along with some deviant straight people. But obviously gay people. Because, as per Warren E. Burger (quoting William Blackstone) "homosexual sex [is] an infamous crime against nature, worse than rape".

Burger was the Chief Justice when Bowers v. Hardwick was decided via a 5–4 ruling in 1986. The old White guy majority (plus one woman) agreed that "oral and anal sex in private between consenting adults" could be criminalized via state law.

Conservapedia says Sir William Blackstone, in addition to authoring "extensive Commentaries on the Laws of England from 1765-1769... that were admired and used by America's Founding Fathers", was really, really, REALLY opposed to sodomy.

My opinion is that sex between consenting adults is nobody's business. Excepting the consenting adults, of course. Obviously Minus believes it IS his business. And he wants sex between consenting adults policed. Maybe tip lines will be set up and no-knock warrants issued if there is reason to believe you are engaging in sodomy.

Which could mean that the sodomy cops could bust down your door if they suspect you're engaging in "unnatural acts". Then haul you off to jail if they find evidence you are guilty of consensual sexual activity Minus doesn't approve of. The Wikipedia entry for Lawrence notes that "legal punishments for sodomy often included heavy fines, life prison sentences, or both".

If Minus wants Lawrence struck down, then he obviously wants such laws (and their accompanying punishments) to come back. Heavy fines and prison sentences for being gay and engaging in consensual sexual activity. Which is obviously nuts and not likely to happen.

Yes, I think Roe could be overturned. Which would mean that the abortion question would be kicked back to the states. And many Red states would impose even more restrictions. Making it virtually impossible to obtain an abortion if you are a woman residing in a Red state. Minus cites 20 weeks over and over, but lawmakers in Red states have passed all kinds of legislation to try and make it so a woman can't exercise her right to choose... period.

Even with a Conservative Catholic majority, I think Lawrence being overturned probably won't happen. How they are going to attack this, I think, is via the "religious liberty" canard. If you own a business that provides goods and/or services, the court will say you don't have to sell to, or provide services to gay people.

Will Brett and the other 4 Conservative justices strike down Obergefell v. Hodges and invalidate the marriages of every gay couple in the United States? Possibly. But I think it's more likely they will only say discrimination against gay people is great, so long as the reason for discriminating is the bigot's religion.

The Bible mentions slavery too. But the court isn't going to rule it's legal (again) for Right-wing racist business owners to discriminate against African Americans (even if Randall Paul thinks they should). So why is it OK to discriminate against gay people if you play the religion card?

Catholic author (and Islam hater) Andrew Bieszad (writing for the blog "The Conservative Papers") says "The LGBT Is Complicit In The Spread Of Horrible Diseases, Sodomy Laws Need To Come Back For Public Health". Sounds like an argument Minus would absolutely agree with.

"Sodomy is the act of masturbating by means of the place where another man has bowel movements", Bieszad writes. So it's only sodomy between two men that bothers these religious nutters. Given that the place where a woman has bowel movements obviously doesn't count. As the bigot who authored the majority opinion in Bowers v. Hardwick (Justice Byron White) wrote, the Constitution does not grant "a fundamental right to engage in homosexual sodomy".

So, is it just "homosexual sodomy" or all "all forms of sodomy" that you oppose, Minus? I ask because it seems that your fellow bigots don't care when a man boinks a woman in the butt. It's only sex between two consenting men that grosses them out. Either way, clearly Minus thinks anti-sodomy laws "need to come back for public health" reasons. Which I would say is idiotic, given that STDs can be (and are) spread by men and women having vaginal sex without protection.

According to Minus, he lives by the motto meden agan or "nothing in excess". Yet he supports going excessively farther Right than even the Conservative Catholics on the court are likely to go. Which would make Minus a Moderate? As Minus likes to frequently type (VERY frequently)... LOL.

Additional Information
Andrew Bieszad is actually a "critic" of Islam who opposes "Islamo-correctness". Also an Islamic Studies scholar with a specialty in Christian-Muslim relations. Although (in the Bieszad article I quote above) he bashes gay people and justifies it via Christian-Conservative-based homophobia. (See How a critic of Islam ended up in the check-out aisle by Barbara Kay. The National Post, 8/7/2013).

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-84.

Monday, October 8, 2018

GeeeZ Columbus Day (And SCOTUS) Stupidity

So, I navigated over to the trumper blog Geeez (by way of the sidebar of the trumper blog Who's Your Daddy) and noticed the following clueless post concerning "hate" and Columbus day.

Melania... Columbus Day... I am SICK of the HATE.
Posted on October 8, 2018 by geeez2014

Now Melania is being insulted for what she wore in Africa, particularly the pith helmet, because "that's what colonialists wore".

The truth is if it weren't for colonialists, Africa would be a bigger hell hole than it is now. India, too, by the way.

I am getting so very tired of the constant hate, yet there's little we can do about it.

That's all I have to say today... tired of the hate. Sorry for Kavanaugh and his family and the hate which will never stop toward them, sorry for teachers teaching American kids to hate Columbus by telling them they have to call today (Columbus Day), "INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY"... which began as a counter-celebration held on the same day as the U.S. federal holiday of Columbus Day, which honors European explorer Christopher Columbus, who represents "the violent history of the colonization in the Western Hemisphere" to many".

MANY? WHO but Anti-Fa and BLM and LA RAZA? Who the heck CARES what they think? They say Columbus was a racist... was someone recording?

Was someone recording? YES, many people were recording. Via the written word. How does this idiot think we know that Columbus existed in the first place? I pointed this out with a comment, but after I clicked "publish", my comment went away and I got no confirmation. I'm guessing I was blocked. trumpers don't like having their echo chambers disrupted. Especially by anyone citing facts.

I included in my comment the following quote from Chris Columbus's own journal.

"They would make fine servants. ... With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want. ... As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn..." (source).

And that is just what Columbus did. Enslave the occupants of the island of Hispaniola. As per Wikipedia "The 29,418 square mile island is divided between two separate, sovereign nations: the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic... to the east, and French Creole-speaking Haiti... to the west".

When Columbus arrived on 12/25/1492, the island was inhabited by the "Taíno, one of the indigenous Arawak peoples". 2 million Tainos populated Hispaniola and Cuba, but warfare, harsh enslavement and diseases brought by the colonists wiped them out. Literally. The Taíno people "were considered extinct by the end of the century".

Bartolomé de las Casas, another individual (who was there) recorded what happened. American Heritage, an organization "dedicated to improving historical and civic literacy", says Barto is "without question the greatest single source of our knowledge" (re the history of Columbus in Hispaniola).

[Barto's] father went with Columbus on the second voyage in 1493 and was among the first colonists on the island of Haiti, which the Spaniards called La Isla Espanola (Spanish Island). Young Las Casas joined the colony in 1502 and for a time led the life of a landholder in this first Spanish settlement in the New World. But his sensitive mind and heart were sickened by the cruel oppression of the natives. He took the vows of the Dominican order and resolved to devote the rest of his life to their cause, a resolve he never relinquished until the end of his life, at ninety-two (Columbus and Genocide by Edward T. Stone. October 1975).

Additionally, (again, as per American Heritage) Barto "had become well acquainted with Diego, Columbus' legitimate son and his successor as Admiral of the Indies [who] placed all of Columbus' papers at his disposal, including a copy of the Journal of the First Voyage".

So... I think that explains quite well where a majority of the information we possess today regarding Columbus comes from and who recorded it for posterity. "They say Columbus was a racist" Geeez writes. Geeeze obviously thinks "they" are full of shit. But "they" are not Anti-Fa, BLM and LA RAZA. "They" are historians who read about the atrocities committed by Columbus via his own journals. As well as the writings of Barto.

Spanish historian and Catholic priest Bartolome de las Casas, who witnessed much of the carnage, said Columbus ordered his men "to cut off the legs of children who ran from them (in order) to test the sharpness of their blades". Once, when a couple of them "met two Indian boys ... each carrying a parrot, they took the parrots and for fun beheaded the boys". ... In addition, people were "eaten (alive) [when] 20 hunting dogs ... were turned loose and immediately tore the Indians apart". If his crew began running out of meat for their vicious dogs, "Arawak babies were killed for dog food". (Celebrating a man who raped and tortured his way into history by Michael Coard, 10/8/2012).

To treat the Taíno as though they were less than human? I think that definitely makes Columbus a racist. As well as an thoroughly evil man. You can see why the Right objects to the truth being told about him. He was a White guy who brought civilization to the new world. A hero that should be revered.

But it wasn't just the new world that the White man can be credited with "improving". Geeez says "if it weren't for colonialists, Africa would be a bigger hell hole than it is now". And "India too". A safe thing to assert, since we have no way of knowing how things would have worked out if the White man hadn't showed up and enslaved and/or killed most of the natives they encountered. Better, perhaps?

As for being "sick of the hate"... tRump, unlike Obama, has EARNED the hatred. When you hate you should respect love in return? Obama (in 2007) said "I don't want to pit Red America against Blue America, I want to be the President of the United States of America". With tRump, that was the entire game plan from the beginning (pander exclusively to the base).

Case in point is tRump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and him being rammed through by the GOP-controlled Congress. Whereas when Obama nominated the centrist jurist Merrick Garland (because Orrin Hatch said there was "no question" the GOP controlled Senate would confirm him), Mitch McConnell refused to hold a hearing.

Yet, not only did Mitch tell Barack "you will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy", he describes it as "one of his proudest moments". What an asshole. This kind of bullshit is supposed to make the other side NOT hate you?

In regards to that, I say (in agreement with Joe Conservative) #getbent. Especially when your side (as urged on by the Orange Turd) attempts to paint Christine Blasey Ford as a paid liar (or a #lyingwhore). Because supporters set up a GoFundMe to pay her security costs (without her consent). And where is the proof that this money was deposited into her bank account?

Now they are celebrating and laughing while also whining about how the "damage is immense" to poor Brett's life and career. For which they vow revenge. "What goes around comes around" according to Brett's own opening Senate hearing statement. During which the partisan hack pointed a finger at the "Clintons". A statement designed to convince us that he will be an impartial and fair jurist... NOT.

Soon Brett will be ruling on cases in which a 5-4 SCOTUS majority will be taking away rights. Minus, in a comment punctuated with a smiley face, says "Goodbye Roe. Goodbye Lawrence". These would be the cases that affirmed a women's right to privacy (re their health decisions and bodily autonomy) and struck down anti-sodomy laws. (Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas).

So here we have a trumper salivating over the prospect of taking away rights; and don't forget that tRump himself said Roe being overturned would "happen automatically". That a minority is hard at work trying to force the rest of us to live by their rules as defined by their religion is not going to earn you anything BUT anger and hate (their religion being Pseudo Christianity).

Although, that trumpers are "sick of the hate", is not something I'm buying. At least not in regards to all of them. Not the ones who are happy that they get to gloat and drink "libtard tears". Those people are probably mad that we dare fight back. They love it that tRump is imposing their will upon us, but think we shouldn't do anything but cry in response.

If you EMBRACE being called "deplorable", why shouldn't we (the majority of us who realize how terrible tRump is) hate you? Is that NOT an appropriate reaction when a deplorable tells you how much joy they derive from your pain?

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-83.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Mystere's Big Gay Gang Bang

A 22 year-old Mystere was so excited. He had been in a funk after being dumped by his first love, Chad, spiraling down below. This involved cruising bus stations around the city looking for homeless men who'd allow him to suck them off for a few dollars.

Mystere finally received some good news via a new friend he met on Grindr. Lying in bed next to Brent one evening, his new love revealed that he knew a director who worked in the gay porn industry. "Really! That's interesting" Mystere exclaimed. "It has been a long time dream of mine to break the world dick-sucking record. I'm not sure what the record is", Mystere said. "But I'm positive I could break it".

"I absolutely think you could" Brent agreed. "It so happens I just got a job as an assistant on Gay Gang Bang #6, a film that is currently auditioning talent. I'm sure I could convince the director to give you a shot". Mystere squealed in delight. "Thank you so much Brent!". Mystere slipped underneath the covers and gave Brent a thank you bj.

"That was in appreciation for making a lifelong fantasy of mine come true" Mystere said after he finished. "Wow!" a breathless Brent whispered. "That was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had". Brent turned his back to Mystere, pretending to go to sleep. He lay next to Mystere for a while in the dark. "You asleep, Mystere?" Brent asked. Brent was hoping he was. Brent had another Grindr date lined up in a few hours. Mystere usually wanted to cuddle, which Brent definitely was not into.

Brent felt a finger inserted into his anus. "Does that answer your question" Mystere quietly breathed into his ear. "I've got to go" Brent said, pulling away. "The part in Gay Gang Bang #6 isn't a sure thing, by the way. I'll put in a good word and see IF I can get you an audition". "OK" Mystere replied. Suddenly he was worried. To have his dream dangled in front of him, only to be snatched away? He didn't know if he take such disappointment.

"I might have to kill myself if I don't get a part" Mystere said, on the verge of sobbing. Brent pretended he didn't hear, finished dressing and left. "Call me" Mystere shouted as the door of his apartment slammed. The next day Mystere called in sick to work. "I don't feel well" he told Judy in HR. "Bob is not going to be happy" Judy told him. "He said there were commercials you needed to finish cutting together so they could air this week".

"I'm sorry" Mystere lied. "I'm too sick to come in today". Mystere fake coughed then hung up before Judy could reply. Mystere had already threatened to tell Bob's wife about their affair. So he took liberties when he wanted and Bob could pound sand if he didn't like it. Mystere went back to sleep. A few hours later Mystere woke to the sound of someone pounding on his door.

"Open up, I know you're in there" a male voice said. Mystere rose to see who it was. Opening the door completely nude, Mystere saw his boss from the radio station standing before him. "I've got to have you!" Bob blurted after eyeing Mystere's naked body. "I'm sick" Mystere fibbed. "That's bullshit" Bob declared. Then he forced his way into the apartment, slammed the door behind him, and took Mystere in the butt on the kitchen floor.

"No!" Mystere moaned, loving it. Bob grunted as he finished. Then he went into the bathroom to wash up. Mystere got dressed and sat down on the bed. He turned on the TV and flipped around until he found some cartoons. "I'm very cross with you, Mystere" Bob announced after emerging from the bathroom. "I had to cancel a meeting with some important clients to come down to this dump". Bob stroked his mustache and lit up a cigarette. Indeed he looked angry.

"I'm sorry" Mystere apologized. He was worried Bob might tell him he needed a spanking. "I've had just about enough of these threats to tell my wife about what's going on between us!" Bob roared. "Now she tells me she has been getting a lot of calls from someone who refuses to talk when she answers". "So what?" Mystere said, getting defensive.

"The calls are from your number, Mystere! I should know. I pay the bill". "Oh" Mystere said sheepishly. "This will stop" Bob warned. "I don't like hurting you, but I can NOT tolerate this bad behavior". Mystere hung his head in shame. Bob had given him a severe thrashing when he found out he was blowing homeless guys. That incident left Mystere black and blue for weeks, so he knew Bob was serious.

"I won't do it again" Mystere promised. "OK" Bob acquiesced. "But you better not be lying to me. Or else". Bob snuffed out his cigarette in a old pizza box lying on the table and walked toward the door. "You better show up for work tomorrow" Bob cautioned Mystere. Then he was gone. Mystere went to the fridge and grabbed a Fanta. "Yum" Mystere remarked as he guzzled the cold soda. Mystere grabbed a slice of pizza, eating around the cigarette bud as he continued watching cartoons.

Brent called Mystere on his cell a few days later. "I've got good news" Brent said. "Is it about the Gay Gang Bang?" Mystere said excitedly, cutting Brent off. "Yes. I got you an audition" Brent replied. Mystere took down the address. "I'll be there" Mystere said hanging up. The next day Mystere took a long lunch. He was really nervous. Mystere took the bus to the address Brent had given him, a nondescript building in the city.

"I'm here to audition" Mystere told the receptionist, an older woman with a large bust. "For what?" the big boobed woman said disgustedly, looking him over. "The Gang Bang film" Mystere replied. "Oh, no. You're not the right type for that film" the lady said condescendingly. "No fatties". "Brent sent me" Mystere protested. "I don't know any Brent. And my eyes are up here". The lady pointed to her eyes.

"I'm not looking at your fake tits" Mystere replied. "Ask the director. Brent said he'd tell him he should give Mystere an audition". "You're Mystere, I take it?" the woman asked. "Yes" Mystere affirmed. "Very well" the lady said. "My name is Blanche. Have a seat". The woman waved Mystere Mystere toward a waiting room directly across from her. Mystere entered the room and sat down. Two other young, cut men were already seated, waiting to audition (Mystere presumed).

Brent emerged from a back room. He was carrying a stack of white terry-cloth robes. Handing out the robes, he ushered Mystere and the young bucks into a dressing room. "Change into these robes" Brent instructed. "Your clothes will be waiting for you when you're done auditioning" Brent said. "Good luck" he whispered into Mystere's ear.

"What the f*ck are you doing here?" one of the young bucks asked Mystere. "I'm auditioning for the Gang Bang film" Mystere replied. The young buck laughed. Suddenly Mystere was unsure of what he was doing. His face turned a bright red. He entered the dressing room and quickly removed his clothing.

After they had donned the robes, Brent lead the three men into another room. "I am the director of Gay Gang Bang #6, Simon Buckmaster" the man said. He stroked his closely cropped graying beard. "Please remove your robes, gentlemen" Simon announced. The two young bucks got naked. Mystere, eyeing their buff bodies, hesitated. "What's wrong chubby?" the man next to him asked sarcastically.

"Brent tells me you describe yourself as the Asian Ron Jeremy" Simon said, addressing Mystere. "Yes, sir" Mystere replied. "Let me see what you look like erect" Simon directed the two young bucks. "Brent, please fluff them". Brent compiled and soon the assets of the two young bucks were on full display. "Not you" Simon said disapprovingly, pointing to the young buck on the left.

The man, a dejected look on his face, put his robe back on and exited the room. "You, please come closer" Simon commanded the remaining young buck. Grabbing hold of the young buck's member, Simon smiled. "Rock hard. And plenty large. You have the part". Simon congratulated the man.

"You may depart. Blanche has some paperwork for you to fill out after you get dressed". Simon waved his hand and the second young buck put his robe back on and left. "Now for you" Simon said, frowning. Mystere dropped his robe. "Ugh" Simon grunted. "Disgusting. It appears as though your gut obscures your manhood, if anything is there at all". "It's right here" Mystere said, lifting his belly to reveal his package.

"Clearly you are not an Asian Ron Jeremy. Is this some kind of joke, Brent?". Simon looked like he might either laugh or possibly throw up. "Please explain". "When I said I was an Asian Ron Jeremy, I meant I was fat and good at sex" Mystere stammered. "He is extraordinarily talented at orally pleasuring the male organ" Brent interjected. "To that fact I can personally attest".

"OK" the director decided after contemplating the situation for awhile. "Let me see for myself". Then he unzipped his fly and removed his johnson. Mystere dropped to his knees and went to work. Several minutes later Simon was 100% convinced that what Brent said was correct. "Oh, my God! you weren't kidding" Simon concluded. Mystere smiled (after swallowing). "Not so fast" Simon said, zipping up his fly.

"The fact remains that you are far too ugly to appear in my film. I am sorry, but I cannot give you a part". Simon sat down at his desk. "Now please leave". "No!" Mystere cried, tears filling his eyes. Then he started to cry. "Please, I'll work for free" Mystere begged. "Brent, why is your friend still here?" Simon demanded. Mystere left, sobbing uncontrollably and feeling more disappointed than he had ever felt before in his life.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-82. TF-9.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Alpha Male Minus Quest For True Love Impeded By So Many Lying Whores!

"Hello, my name is Farmer John" Minus said, using one of his many aliases. "That is an odd name" the woman replied. Then she looked at him closer, scrutinizing the man beside her. "I know you" the woman said finally. "You're the guy who grabbed my breasts in Shorty's Southside Tavern last week".

Minus thought. "Yes" he admitted, remembering. "That was I. When I see a pair of double-Ds I can't help but grab them", Minus said complementing the woman. The lady looked shocked, but Minus knew she was loving the attention. "You're a waitress there, aren't you?" Minus asked. "No" the woman replied nervously. "I was having a drink with some co-workers".

She and this unknown man were walking alone together through a local park just before dusk. When she first noticed the man, other people were around, so she wasn't that concerned. Now it was starting to get dark and those people turned down another path a while back. But the man continued to walk behind her. Then he was beside her. He smiled and introduced himself.

"You live near here?" Minus inquired. "No" the woman answered, feeling a little fearful. "My boyfriend is waiting for me at the entrance of the part" the woman added, hoping that would scare Minus off. "Interesting" Minus replied, not buying what the woman told him. "Maybe we could go back to your place for a quickie" Minus inquired. The vibe he was getting from this woman told him she wanted him desperately.

The woman's eyes got wide, then she took off running, fearful she was about to be raped. "What's wrong, honey?" Minus shouted at the fleeing woman. "Ridiculous" Minus scoffed. "It seems this stupid ho has uncharitably categorized my pass as a prelude to a sexual assault". Minus continued on his way.

A while later he reached the edge of the park. Passing through the gates, the woman he had encountered earlier suddenly jumped in front of him. She had what looked like a spray can in her hand. She started spraying, but Minus quickly grabbed her wrist and deflected the stream away from his eyes (where she was aiming).

"You trying to mace me, bitch?" Minus growled. But Minus wasn't angry; he was amused. Minus had a tight grip on the woman's wrist. She struggled but couldn't get away. Minus began to laugh. "A pretty young thing like you out alone at night is just asking to get raped" Minus informed the woman.

Gaile (the woman) started screaming. "Shut up, slut" Minus commanded. He pulled her to him and placed his hand over her mouth, muffling her screams. Gaile bit down. Minus yelled and let her go. Gaile attempted to run away, but Minus grabbed hold of her purse. The purse strap snapped and Gaile stumbled back. Her feet slipped out from under her and she landed on her back, hard.

Minus put his hand to his mouth and sucked the blood out of the bite. "Shit!", that hurts Minus complained. "I should call the cops and report this assault" Minus snarled. Galie got to her feet shaikly and stumbled a bit. Then she bolted, disappearing into the darkness. "Hey, you forgot your purse" Minus said as he watched the fleeing woman vanish. "Dumb bitch".

Minus opened the woman's purse and found her driver's license. "Gaile Trotter. I know where you live, Gaile Trotter. I might have to stop by Gaile's place to return her purse" Minus decided. "Despite her assault, I am a gentleman. She's going to need her driver's license and credit cards. I surely wouldn't want her to go through the hassle of having to replace them".

A few days later Minus, behind the wheel of his jet black Camaro with flames painted on the side, drove past Gaile Trotter's house. A small bungalow located on a side street not far from the park where he had first encountered her. Minus parked on a side street and proceeded to watch from a location where he had a good view of Gaile's property.

Inside the house Gaile was fixing herself dinner. Thinking of her encounter with Minus, she checked the lock on her front door. It was secure. How stupid she was to have walked through the park right before dark, Gaile berated herself. She had, of course, done it many times before. Although before it was always during the daytime. It just so happened that her place of employment was a few blocks from Shorty's, and she liked to hang out there with work friends.

She was pretty scared after she got away from the stranger. Gaile jogged to the edge of the park, then attempted to call the police, but found that her cell phone battery was dead. Seeing the man approaching, Gaile ducked behind one of the stone pillars that made up the arch that was the entrance to the park.

Removing the mace from her purse, Gaile intended to spay her would-be assailant in the face, then make her getaway. But he grabbed her wrist, then stole her purse. Gaile reported the incident to the police and filed a report, but they took it for a purse snatching and not an attempted rape. After she admitted she'd been drinking and was a little tipsy, it seems they didn't take her seriously.

Minus watched the house for several days, driving by after work and staying until the sun went down. That is how he deduced that Gaile lived alone. He also, after charging it up, examined her cell phone. It was password protected, but Minus booted it into safe mode to bypass the 3rd party lock screen. There was an entry that read Mom and Dad (an out-of-state number), plus the names of several female friends (Minus guessed). But no male names.

"Is she a lesbian?" Minus pondered. Perhaps what she needed was to meet a real man. That would cure her of her lesbianism. Minus knew he was just the man, an Alpha Male. She'd be grateful once he returned her purse. Naturally she'd have to find a way to thank him. Minus had that effect on women, the misunderstanding in the park being a shocking exception to how such encounters usually went down.

Minus was used to women throwing themselves at him. Given how good looking and successful he was. He'd picked up quite a few women in bars around the city. All he had to do was flash a huge wad of cash and the next thing he knew he was getting a BJ in the bathroom. Then he'd quickly dump them, not wanting to take up permanently with some tramp who'd blow a guy in the bathroom of some seedy bar. He lived by the same credo as Brett Kavanaugh. FFFFF, or Find them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them.

But he had a feeling that, this time, with Gaile, things would be different. Likely she was used to only beta males, which is why a strong alpha like Minus threw her off. Gaile was probably fantasizing about him right now (and touching herself), just as he was fantasizing about her (and doing the same). Minus was convinced that she could be the one. The one who would finally convince him to settle down and start a family.

Plus she apparently owned her own home, suggesting she was financially independent. Minus saw an entry for her place of employment in the phone. An investment banking firm. That would work for Minus, as he was tired of whores who were primarily interested in him because he was well off. Yes, he decided - he was definitely interested in seeing if he could make this thing with Gaile work.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-81. TF-8.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mystere's Life Story (The Condensed Version)

A 7 year old Mystere was playing with building blocks in the living room. "That's good, son", Mystere's father said, beaming. "My son is going to be an architect" Mister Mystere decided. "Mother, beer me" Mystere's father yelled. Then he turned on the TV. "Game's on" Mystere Sr remarked throwing his weight into the barcalounger. Mystere's mother emerged from the kitchen. "Here is your cold beer, darling". "Thank you very much, my love" Mystere Sr said, slapping his wife on her rear.

"Oh, my" Mrs Mystere squealed. "Now I've got to get back to the kitchen. We're having pot roast tonight". Mister Mystere took a swig of his beer. Then he turned to look at his son. To his horror little Mystere was playing with a Barbie doll. "What the f*ck are you doing with your sister's doll, boy" Mister Mystere demanded. "It's my Barbie" little Mystere explained, a big smile on his face. "No, son" Mister Mystere yelled. Jumping up from his chair Mystere Sr snatched the doll from his son's hands.

"Boys do not play with dolls" Mystere's father angrily reprimanded his progeny. "Not unless they're fags. And no son of my is going to be a fag". Little Mystere started crying. "I want my Barbie" Mystere blubbered. Tears ran down his cheeks. Mister Mystere's face grew red. His hands started trembling with rage. He clenched his teeth in anger. Then he unbuckled and removed his belt. "Come here, Mystere" the father commanded. Mystere, thinking he was going to get his doll back, approached his father with his hands out. "Barbie!" Mystere said, asking for the doll.

"NO, bad Mystere!". Mystere Sr swept up his son and put him over his knee. Quickly pulling down his britches, Mister Mystere gave his son several whacks with his belt. Mystere's ass turned a bright red. Little Mystere started balling. "Wahhh, wahhh" Mystere cried. Mister Mystere put his son down. Then he snapped the Barbie in half. Little Mystere pulled up his pants, ran to his room and buried his face in his pillow. Mister Mystere followed his son to his room. "I demand you stop your blubbering!". Little Mystere continued crying.

Then Mystere Sr sexually molested his son. "I am so embarrassed. I shouldn't be doing this" Mister Mystere told himself. Yet he couldn't stop. "This is your fault" Mystere's father said when he finished. "You will never tell your mother about this!". Mister Mystere hitched up his slacks and left his son's room. Little Mystere sobbed as he thought about how much his throat hurt and his butthole throbbed.

"Mom, I think I'm attracted to boys, not girls" a teenage Mystere remarked one day while helping his mother in the kitchen. His mother dropped the plate she was carrying. It hit the floor and smashed into a million pieces. His mother let out a shriek. "Oh, my God!" Mrs Mystere cried. Then she fell to her knees and started sobbing. "My son is going to Hell" Mrs Mystere cried, her voice quivering. What have I done, Mystere asked himself. "I'm sorry mom, it was a joke". "Homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord" Mystere's mother said, scolding her son. Then she slapped him across the face.

"I'm sorry, mom" Mystere assured his mother. Tears welled up in his eyes. That slap really hurt! He helped his mother to her feet. "I'm straight, I swear" Mystere lied. Mystere and his mother sat at the kitchen table and read the Bible. "I am so worried that you will burn in Hell" Mystere's mother told her son. What she didn't know was that Mystere had lain with a man as a man lies with a woman. It happened earlier that year, shortly after he turned 16.

"This is so wrong, Chad" Mystere told the boy lying on the bed next to him. Both Mystere and Chad were naked, having just made love. Chad turned to face Mystere. He kissed Mystere full on the lips, inserting a little tongue. "Is your dad still sexually molesting you?" Chad asked. "Of course not. It was just the one time when I was 7" Mystere replied. "And then a few dozen times after than. Off and on for a few years until I was 14. Then it seems he lost interest". Mystere's voice trailed off. It almost seemed to Chad that Mystere was disappointed that the molestation ended.

Mystere rose from the bed and quickly dressed. First he put on his bra and panties, followed by a shirt and his jeans. "That your sister's underwear?" Chad asked. He knew it was. Mystere stole them from her dresser drawer. Wearing women's underwear made him feel sexy and confident. "I can't see you again, Chad" Mystere said as he finished dressing. "Let me guess why" Chad replied. "Is it because you aren't a fag?". "That's right" Mystere replied. "I'm not gay, I'm a sinner".

"Please forgive me, God" Mystere whispered to himself. Then he left. Although he and Chad hooked up many times after that. Two years years later Chad dumped him when he went away to college. Mystere was heartbroken. Also angry. If he wasn't gay why did it feel like he couldn't go on without Chad in his life? He was such a gentle and attentive lover.

Now what was Mystere going to do? He found himself wandering down to the bus station many nights. There he discovered he could pay homeless men for oral sex. The dirty hobo accepted the 10 dollar bill and reached for Mystere's pants zipper. Mystere slapped his hand away. "I want you to drop your drawers" Mystere sheepishly explained. "Whatever" the bum replied. Then the bum unzipped his jeans and let them fall, along with his underwear.

Mystere became well known at the bus station. The one near his home and others for miles around. Mystere got a job at a local radio station running errands for the staff. In the evenings he rode for hours, stopping at various bus stations where he paid dozens of men for sex. "What am I doing?" Mystere asked himself. He was so ashamed. Luckily he did not contract AIDS. Something he discovered after getting tested at a local clinic. It turned out he had a common STD that was curable after taking meds for a few weeks.

After that Mystere buckled down and put his nose to the grindstone. He cut together commercials at the radio station where he worked. His boss seemed satisfied with his work. Or so Mystere thought. Until the boss man called him into his office one afternoon. "Your work really stinks, Mystere" the boss said. "I have heard, however, that you are really good at giving BJs". Mystere obliged his boss and kept his job. Although the boss brought in an assistant who did most of the work.

That's how Mystere became his boss's boy toy. Bob (his boss) was 56 and Mystere was just 21. "I'm not gay" Bob told Mystere every time. "Thats OK, I'm not gay either" Mystere assured his boss. This went on for several years. Mystere stopped riding busses and blowing homeless men. His boss insisted. Bob was quite angry when he found out and gave Mystere a beating he never forgot. Mystere's boss was really happy with the work the assistant was doing so he decided to give Mystere a raise.

Mystere moved out of his parent's house and into an apartment. "When are you going to find a nice girl and get married?" his mother asked. Mystere's boss decided to give him a shot as the sports reporter. Being a big fan of the WWE Mystere jumped at the chance when the boss said an interview with the wrestler Rikishi would be his first assignment. Rikishi was putting on a performance at the Staples Center one night and Mystere arranged an exclusive interview in the locker room.

Mystere was nervous but he thought it went fairly well. The sound man packed up the equipment and indicated to Mystere that it was time to depart. "I'll take the bus home" Mystere told him. His co-worker shrugged his shoulders and drove off. Mystere wandered back into the locker room. Steam poured from the showers. Peeking inside, Mystere spotted a nude Rikishi lathering up. He was entranced. "You like what you see?" Rikishi asked as he continued stroking his enormous dong.

"I'm sorry" Mystere stammered. "It's OK" Rikishi replied. "Why don't you get undressed and join me?" the wrestler asked, to Mystere's amazement. Mystere quickly shed his clothing and joined Rikishi in the shower. They embraced and started kissing. Then Rikishi pushed down on the top of Mystere's head, forcing him to his knees. "Wow, you are really good at that" Rikishi remarked after Mystere finished.

"for a straight man, I suppose so" Mystere replied. "Yeah, I'm straight too" Rikishi insisted. "That's the first time I've ever done anything like that". After dating for a few months Rikishi paid Mystere's landlord so he could get out of his lease and they moved in together. Mystere kept his job for awhile, but his boss was not happy when Mystere told him he wanted to break off their relationship.

"There is no reason for me to keep you on if that is the case" Bob informed Mystere. But that quickly changed after Rikishi threatened to beat Bob senseless. Mystere was relieved. He had planned to tell Bob's wife about what was going on, but as it turned out, Bob was getting divorced. "That skank was sleeping around on me. And now my Mystere is dumping me!". Bob wept. A few years passed. Mystere continued to collect a paycheck, even after he decided he was going to stay home from now on.

Eventually Mystere found out he was being fired. One day Mystere was sitting on the couch watching cartoons and getting high smoking weed when the phone rang. "This is your new boss" a voice on the other end informed Mystere. "You're fired" the voice said. "What!" Mystere exclaimed, shocked. "Bob blew his brains out last week. I was going over the payroll and found your name. Everyone here says you haven't shown up to work in months".

And so Mystere became a househusband. After Rikishi proposed and he accepted. "It's just a legal agreement between two bros" Rikishi insisted as he slipped the ring on Mystere's finger. "This certainly doesn't make us fags". "OK", Mystere agreed. If it meant he could get high and watch TV all day he was for it. Plus the sex was fantastic! Given that Rikishi was hung like a horse.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-80. TF-7.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mystere (An Extremely Low IQ Imbecile) Writes Another Fake Comment & Blames It On Me

I can't say for sure that Mystere wrote this comment, but, given how stupid it is, I think it's a good guess he authored it. Why? I know he wants revenge for 4 of his 5 WordPress blogs getting shut down. Maybe he thinks writing fake comments and saying I sent them to his "Cleveland Foxers" blog will get me trouble... somehow?

Saturday, September 22, 2018.
Dervish's Latest Faked Retort To Cleveland Foxers.
From: Dervish This Irl Rat Pookie One Sanders Hudnutt Trapper.
Fake email address: DFDFAD@DFAFAD.COM.


Dervish tries another one of his braindead Wile E Coyote moves in hopes of a Wordpress TOS violation that will cause Cleveland Foxers to get deleted. The 0 IQ mental midget keeps failing. Keep sinning, Dervish. That way, on the day you croak, you will face the sheer terror of your life when you have to answer to God Almighty for spewing your hate for everyone to see. In the meantime, keep eating coq. Apparently, you love having your mouth stuffed full of coq, Colonel Dervish Sanders!

Posted by mystere's moonbat slayer club at 10:14 AM.

Why would a comment submitted by someone not using a Gravatar account cause a TOS violation? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't. Given the fact that Mystere enabled this option. I'm guessing. I'm not familiar with what options are available for handling WordPress comments. I assume that if Mystere doesn't want people entering names and fake email addresses, he can stop it. If he chooses to.

So, if Mystere decides to accept comments from people not using a Gravatar account? Then I say he doesn't get to complain about people using that option. If you don't want such comments then don't allow them, Mystere! Given that you have decided you WANT such comments (you selected this option under the WordPress dashboard) such comments could not trigger a TOS violation. Or, I don't see how they possibly could.

Mystere says I'm using "braindead Wile E Coyote moves in hopes of a Wordpress TOS violation that will cause Cleveland Foxers to get deleted"... but he is the one who is braindead. This theory of his makes no sense. Given that he controls what kind of comments his blog will accept. How the HELL would a type of comment HE HAS DECIDED to accept trigger a TOS violation?

Anyway, I suspect this will continue. Mystere will continue posting idiotic comments (authored by him or possibly someone else) and blaming me. Mystere is greasing his own skids for his trip to Hell. I have nothing to do AT ALL with that. And I don't want to watch him burn in Hell. Wouldn't that imply I was there? Or are there TVs in heaven via which people who are there can tune in to watch and laugh at damned souls?

I did not write the comment so I wouldn't know. I don't want Mystere to burn in Hell. I want him to turn away from evil. Looking at his "Moonbat Spanker" blog, however, that seems unlikely. He writes posts discussing the false prophet Mark Taylor and his false prophecies concerning Donald Trump. Donald Trump was NOT chosen by God, Mystere. Donald Trump is evil.

And YOU are the one who spews hate. As I pointed out in a prior commentary. I have no worries whatsoever about answering to God for my hate because I'm not a hater. Pointing out the hate of others is not "spewing hate". Nobody has ever seen me "spew hate" because this isn't something I do. Perhaps you could say that I spew hate in regards to Donald Trump. But he deserves it.

If Mystere continues to follow Trump he may end up in Hell. But I'm not greasing any skids and will feel no joy AT ALL if this happens to Mystere. So Mystere can stop blaming these comments on me. Unless he wrote them. Obviously then he will continue to blame me.

Whether or not "Cleveland Foxers" is suspended or shut down is 100% up to Automattic (the company that owns WordPress). I reported you because you are harassing me. Specifically you said you were going to cause me to lose my Gravatar account. I would prefer to keep my Gravatar account. So I decided to proactively contact them. As opposed to waiting to see what might happen. Although they have yet to respond. I will have to contact them again. I'd rather you simply drop this bullshit regarding comments you don't like and your false accusations concerning me sending them. It's ridiculous.

Finally... Regarding me having an IQ of zero...

What does an IQ of 0 mean?: It is improbable for a human to have an IQ of less than 50 without some serious accompanying defects and abnormalities and improbable for a human to have an IQ of less than 20 without profound medical issues that would cause very low life expectancy. (Excerpted from a response to a question on Quora authored by Jesse Roberge).

Obviously neither I nor Mystere have an IQ of zero. I don't know what Mystere's IQ is. I do think it is easy to deduce (from his writings on Blogger) that Mystere's IQ is most certainly NOT high and very likely lower than average. Possibly a LOT lower.

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-79.