WYM Truthy Fiction

This page contains the complete list of all the narratives in the serial I'm calling "WYM Truthy Fiction" (TF). Something that is "truthy", as per Stephen Colbert, feels truthful... in the gut. These are fiction stories that feature bloggers who comment on Who's Your Daddy. Although they feel as if they could be 100% truthful. And who's to say they aren't? It is possible that these accounts are unbelievably close to reality.

001. Prelude To A Romantic Weekend Getaway (Rikishi + Mystere = True Love). WYM-16. 11/9/2017.

002. Mystere Goes Grocery Shopping. WYM-30. 3/8/2018.

003. Mystere Is Naughty & Gets Punished For Being A Bad Boy. WYM-32. 3/11/2018.

004. Fartbreathed Fool FreeThinke Terrorizes Old Folks Home. WYM-33. 3/18/2018.

005. Franco And Jesus Team Up To Exterminate Marxicrat Scum. WYM-69. 8/27/2018.

006. Mystere Blows A Gift Horse. WYM-75. 9/16/2018.

007. Mystere's Life Story (The Condensed Version). WYM-80. 9/30/2018.

008. The Alpha Male Minus Quest For True Love Impeded By So Many Lying Whores! WYM-81. 10/4/2018.

009. Mystere's Big Gay Gang Bang. WYM-82. 10/6/2018.

010. Mystere Screws The Pooch. WYM-89. 11/10/2018.

011. Mystere And His Old Boyfriend Chad Reconnect. WYM-90. 11/17/2018.

012. Mystere Dabbles In Necrophilia. WYM-91. 11/25/2018.

013. Mystere Has A Very Merry Christmas. WYM-93. 1/2/2019.

014. Mystere Whistles For Minus Man Meat. WYM-114. 5/19/2019.

015. Bertha Butt Babbles Endo & Her Younger Brother Edwina Mystere Endo. WYM-124. 6/17/2019.

016. The Confrontation. WYM-250. 3/10/2021.

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