Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Many Ways The Trump Predisency Is Wrecking America

The trumpanzee blogger Rusty Shackelford believes that the dotard's predisentcy is "most excellent". Despite the fact that Trump is an evil racist bigot whose policies are damaging and wrecking America. And, yes, I HAVE and can provide examples, despite Klansman Shackelford's claims to the contrary.

Rusty Shackelford: Hey you two dufuss, we understand you dispise DJT and you cry about the damage he's done but you never ever say exactly what evil things he's done. So could you list a few of his policies you feel are wrecking america. Or are you two just blowhards. (5/11/2018 at 4:36pm).

OK, so I put together a list of articles (sorted by date) that illustrate my issues with Trump. I attempted to post it to Who's Your Daddy (trumper blog where the klansman posted his lie) but the comment refused to publish. Even after I divided it into 2 parts (due to the character limit). Blogger said "you comment has been published" but it was not.

I suppose I could have put together a much shorter summary with fewer examples. I have, however, instead decided to publish it here and link to it there. What follows is the list I compiled (but couldn't publish on WYD).

How the Policies Of The Orange Turd In The WH Are Wrecking America

  1. Was the 2016 Election Stolen by Massive Voter Suppression? 12/5/2016 [Answer: yes. Trump's policy of voter suppression and colluding with Russia to steal an election is wrecking America by seriously harming democracy. Elections should be determined by the voters, not by how many voters can be knocked off the rolls or by foreign actors].
  2. Trump Is Filling Court Seats With Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Judges, 10/8/2017. [Everyone is entitled to equal protection under the law. The Equal Rights clause AKA the 14th amendment was also cited by the SCOTUS in their Roe V Wade. Trump judges will seek to roll back these rights therefore Trump is wrecking America by appointing them].
  3. Trump is Leading the Most Corrupt Administration in US History, One of First-Class Kleptocrats, 11/2/2017. [Trump's corruption is wrecking America with his Nixon-style presidency. "If the president does it, it is not illegal" is not accurate! Not even the president is above the law, despite what Nixon believed/Trump believes].
  4. Trump's tax cuts are a feast for wealthy and gruel for working families, 11/21/2017. [Trump's policy of enriching the already wealthy at the expense of the rest of us is wrecking America by further widening the gap between the rich and the poor].
  5. Here are all the ways the president has been accused of violating the Constitution, 11/23/2017. [Are Trump's violations of the Constitution wrecking America? I say the answer to that question is self evident].
  6. Trump Revealed Israel's Secret Syria Raid To Russian Diplomats, 11/23/2017. [More proof of collusion, and YES, Trump's kowtowing to Russia is wrecking America].
  7. The 19 Women Who Accused President Trump of Sexual Misconduct, 12/17/2017. [A misogynist in the White House is wrecking America by convincing some that this kind of behavior is acceptable, just as Trump's racism and bigotry has emboldened the White Nationalists. Steve Bannon may be not be in the WH any longer, but the voters Bannon brought along still support Trump].
  8. Trump declares Obamacare is "over" as he signs individual mandate repeal into law, 12/22/2017. [Trump's policy of destroying the ACA is wrecking America because, while the number of people who die each year due to a lack of hc was going down, now it will go back up].
  9. Sales of Trump properties suggestive of money-laundering: researcher, 1/18/2018. [Trump's money laundering crimes are wrecking America because he'll likely get away with no punishment/prison time. Criminal presidents have a long history of getting away with their crimes and Trump skating, despite his crimes being much worse and extensive, will further cement that policy].
  10. Trump's Xenophobic Vision of America Is Inciting Racist Violence, 1/27/2018. [Trump's racism is wrecking America by setting back equality and emboldening the alt-Right].
  11. Trump's budget cuts Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, breaking core campaign promise, 2/12/2018. [Trump policy of cutting programs that support the working class and the poor, widening the gap between the rich and poor and destroying the middle class].
  12. Did Jared Kushner Punish Qatar Because It Wouldn't Lend His Family Money, 3/2/2018. [Another example of corruption within the Trump administration and the #1 example of how Trump's policy of nepotism is wrecking America].
  13. How President Trump Lies About Guns, 3/2/2018. [Trump said he'd stand up to the NRA. He lied. Trump is wrecking America by protecting the NRA thereby allowing the slaughter to continue].
  14. No One Is Safe. How Trump's Immigration Policy Is Splitting Families Apart, 3/8/2018. [Trump is wrecking Amerca by transforming us into a completely compassion free and heartless country].
  15. $407 Billion in Corporate Stock Buybacks: How Businesses in Your State Are Spending Trump Tax Cuts, 3/11/2018. [Stock buybacks are bad and are wrecking America via this support for plutocracy].
  16. More Evidence That Racism and Sexism Were Key to Trump's Victory, 4/4/2018. [Trump is wrecking America by gaining votes not due to his policies, but by dividing us].
  17. Happy Tax Day! Donald Trump still has never released his tax returns! 4/17/2018. [Another norm violated by Trump which is absolutely destroying America. There are many norms that we need and when the president breaks them that isn't good].
  18. Destroy the Earth Day: Under Trump and Pruitt, the Right's Assault on the Environment Goes Nuclear, 4/28/2018. [Trump is wrecking America via his policy of disregard for the environment].
  19. President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims so far, 5/1/2018. [A president who lies so frequently wrecks America because we should expect more from a president, now constant lying is acceptable].
  20. Trump Says There's No Evidence of Collusion. There Is So Much Evidence Already, 5/1/2018. [Obviously collusion with a adversarial foreign power wrecks America].
  21. Trump's Iran Deal Exit Is A Win For Russia, 5/8/2018. [Russia is benefiting from Trump pulling us out of the Iran deal. That's in addition to making it more likely Iran will go back to developing a nuclear weapon. Clearly this is not helping America].
  22. Is Michael Cohen's Essential Consultants L.L.C. a Slush Fund for Donald Trump? 5/9/2018. [I say yes. More Nixon-style corrupton from Trump which is wrecking America].
  23. Trump Adds Cutting Children's Health Care to GOP's 2018 Platform 5/9/2018 [How could a policy of less healthy children not wreck America?].
  24. Trump to Drop Call for Medicare to Negotiate Lower Drug Prices, 5/10/2018. [Another broken campaign promise. Instead of a win that could save the government millions, Trump wrecks America by continuing the GOP policy of obscene profits for drug companies via taxpayer money].
  25. Trump Voters Would Be Hit Hardest by GOP's Food Stamp Work Rules, 5/10/2018. [Trump is wrecking America via policies that harm his own voters, though many will continue to support him regardless].

Post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-42.


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    1. "I am Marc Kasowitz, Predisent Trump's personal lawyer".

      I've been spelling it that way for awhile. Nobody has said anything until now.

  2. I guess I never noticed it before.

  3. I did, just never felt it needed a comment.

  4. What's with this list? Afraid America will no longer be a kleptocracy?

    1. No. I'm looking forward to 2020 and getting rid of the kleptocrats. Trump just got a 500 million dollar bribe from China to save ZTE. There's another article of impeachment right there. Given your support for the most kleptocratic administration in history, that must be your fear (see #3 on my list above).

    2. Sorry, but how many billions did Hillary rake in for the Clinton Foundation from Russia?

    3. The Clintons have "raked in" $0 by way of the Clinton Foundation. It is a charity from which the Clintons make nothing.

    4. This just in: The Trump Organization received a $500 million "brokerage fee" and HRC's stolen emails as payment (AKA bribe) from Russia for "facilitating" the sale of 19.5% of the Russia State owned oil company Rosneft. (source).

      The sale went through on January 7th, just prior to the Orange Turd taking the oath of office... LOL! He had already betrayed America for personal gain and was looking forward to engaging in some serious pay for play (what he accused HRC of continuously during the campaign).

    5. "Circumstantial evidence strongly indicates..."

      Meanwhile, in the real world...

    6. As per Trump spokesperson Kellyanne CONway, Trumpers live in a world where there exists such a thing as "alternative facts" and truthful reporting is "fake news" put out by the "enemedia". The real world exists apart from trumper delusions. Once the illegitimate president is removed from office we will return to the real world.

    7. Circumstantial evidence isn't conclusive. And a non sequitur isn't a "fact".

    8. If you claim that I'm out of touch with reality, and I counter that with proclamations from your side about nonsense about "alternative facts" and the imaginary "enemedia", that is NOT a non sequitur.

      You won't be able to spin the evidence as "circumstantial" after it goes from incomplete (which is what we have now) to complete (which is what Mueller will present). Scratch that, you probably will. Because you don't live in the real world. Those of us in the real world don't label facts we don't like "fake news". Or believe in a fantasy called the "deep state" made up of lifelong Republicans who are fabricating evidence.

    9. Oh my, Weiner's laptop has been released from Deep State freeze. Hillary should start measuring for drapes in her federal penitentiary cell....

    10. lol!

      According to The NY Times, the FBI and CIA were using Halper to protect candidate Trump from the Russians. Yes, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. However, from that angle: Are they currently investigating candidate Trump for failing to collude in the Russian efforts they were attempting to protect him from? {{{D’oh}}} Yup, the special counsel is an ongoing effort to keep protecting President Trump… or something.

    11. MeThinke's you need some new talking points, as the facts have rendered you old one's obsolete.

    12. Your side has been predicting that HRC was just about to be indicted, convicted and sent to prison for years. She's been investigated for years, and nothing has been found. Investigations that have run their course (for years) and concluded with no findings of wrongdoing by HRC.

      I think YOU need some new talking points, as the facts have rendered YOUR old ones obsolete.

      As for MeThinke... Is that a FreeThinke sockpuppet?

    13. ...and your side has been circling wagons around the Clinton's since 1992. Time to throw her under Obama's bus, before he get's thrown under one, too.

    14. I'd call that a work of fiction. Anything to protect the traitor in the White House, eh?

    15. The one who vacated it in January of '17?

  5. $0? Really? Indeed, certain Foundation expenditures have appeared unduly lavish, and difficult to justify. The Foundation spends $8 million in annual travel expenses (the Clintons fly on private jets), bought a first-class plane ticket to bring Natalie Portman (and her prized Yorkie) to an event, and funds a “glitzy annual gathering of chief executives, heads of state, and celebrities.” Some costs are outsourced to others, and universities that invite Bill Clinton to speak can find themselves hit with unexpected invoices for $1,400 hotel phone bills and $700 dinners-for-two.

    Don't sound like $0 to me...

  6. Poor Dervy boi! Did you stop feeling the Chrissie Matthews Tingles Up Your Stinkhole? Spank your monkey. Fartface.

    1. This comment caused me to think that maybe Mystere got his blog back. But no. The nonsense comment above is a whine, not a gloat. Boohoo, Mystere. What happened is your own fault.

    2. BTW, that you're spanking your monkey while your husband Rikishi farts in your face is something I have no interest in. Keep your sex life to yourself, PLEASE!

  7. Dervy-boi's fearing for his life because when Donald Trump knocks out the crooks running the country, his sham marriage to his flea ridden mutt Jigaboos will land him into the pokey. Tiny, Momo and Big Bubba will put runs in his L'eggs as they parade him around the Pokey Yard for others to make him their pet mutt.