Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mystere (A Cross-Dresser) Wears L'eggs Brand Pantyhose

We already knew that Mystere likes to dress in a woman's bra and panties, snap selfies, and send them (unsolicited) to guys he wants to see dick pics from. He unsuccessfully pulled this stunt awhile ago. Mystere wanted to exchange some pics of himself in women's undies (and pantyhose, apparently) for some dick pics. Mystere sent his pics to a guy he thought was a member of MoveOn named "Jesse".

Although "Jesse", according to Mystere, is an alias. Mystere revealed that the guy's name is actually "Erik" in another blog post. Mystere thought the selfies of him in women's underwear would make Jesse/Erik "super horny". Instead Jesse/Erik was grossed out and told Mystere to leave him alone.

As for Mystere cross-dressing and wearing L'eggs panyhose, Mystere wrote about it in a recent post on his blog. He placed the following images at the top of his post.

As a non-pantyhose wearing man, it simply did not occur to me that Mystere, when he wrote (in many comments) about getting a "tingle up his L'eggs", was referring to the pantyhose he wears.

I assumed he was misspelling "legs". Turns out he was talking about his favorite brand of pantyhose. Although, instead of the type with a reinforced or sheer toe, I would have guessed he wears control top.

BTW, that Mystere gets a thrill up his L'eggs when he takes dumps in his outhouse (getting high huffing jenkem and via "poophoria"), must mean that he cuts a hole in the rear of the pantyhose. If not he's just pooping his pantyhose, and he wouldn't need to visit his outhouse to do that. It is possible I'm wrong about the hole, however.

A satirical post authored by the anti-Trump Leftist Bastard Dervish Sanders. WYM-55.


  1. Hey Dervy boi, has anyone ever told you what kind of dumbass you really are? You need to stop eating the 'shrooms. The 'shrooms are making you suffer runs in your L'eggs.

    Just so you know, Jesse and Erik are not the same libtards. My friend "Tori" is a different lady who got hit on by "Jesse" who got traced to a Sanders residence in a nearby city. I'm sure "Jesse" is one of your inbreeds.

  2. Why is it that every time I comment on your blog, Mystere, you delete what I write? Are you too frightened to let my comments stand?

    For the record, I don't wear pantyhose. You, as a pantyhose-wearing man, are in the minority. But most men, unlike you, are not cross-dressers.

  3. Jesse and Erik are the same person. Tori and Tamara are the same person. Although these "people" are probably fictional. In any case, the stories are quite similar. Making it obvious that name changes were a part of your rewrite. Neither story is any good, btw.

    Both were shorter that your idiotic "gay road trip" story though. So, at least there is that.

  4. Mystere (Eddie Endo) at large: