WYM Commentary Catalog

001. Whoz Yo Mama! Commentary #1. 8/25/2017.

002. Meet WYM Co-Author, Klansman Mystere. 8/26/2017.

003. Trump's RepubliKKKlan Party (Response To A Comment From RW Sockpuppet "Beantown AntiFacist"). 8/27/2017.

004. An Ode To Tenderloinz By Klansman Mystere. 8/28/2017.

005. Beantown Sockpuppet, Round 2 (RWer Posing As Antifa To Smear Them). 8/29/2017.

006. Sick Pervert Klansman Mystere Uses "Tenderloinz" As A Euphemism For Genitals Many Times, Then Lies About Doing So. 8/30/2017.

007. On The Beantown Sockpuppet Profferinging Old Canard About George Soros & The Nazis. 8/31/2017.

008. Trump Is A Pseudo Christian Like His Followers. 9/1/2017.

009. #trumpdupe Sez Liar-In-Chief Is "A Man Who Came To Save Us From Hitler's Big Lie". 9/6/2017.

010. Predisent Fart aka MAGA Man (WYM Version). 9/10/2017.

011. Radical Racist Dances A Jig Because Racist White Cop Gets Off After Murdering Black Man. 9/15/2017.

012. On WYD Trumpanzees Agreeing Blacks Are Genetically Less Intelligent & That It's The Left That Is Racist. 9/18/2017.

013. Colin Kaepernick Absolutely Is A Hero! 9/25/2017.

014. Introducing The Libturd Dervish Sanders (A Klansman Mystere Commentary). 9/30/2017.

015. Shitposters of Free Kekistan. 10/7/2017.

016. Prelude To A Romantic Weekend Getaway (Rikishi + Mystere = True Love). TF-1. 11/9/2017.

017. Jewy McJewerson Of The Jew Controlled Washington Post Offered Money To Women To Fabricate Allegations Against The Good Christian Man Roy Moore Via Robocall. Outrageous!! 11/16/2017.

018. The Mindless Chauvinism Of FreeThinke, As Well As Others Of His Contemptible Ilk. 11/18/2017.

019. Dinesh D'Souza Smells Himself (He Who Smelt It Dealt It). 11/22/2017.

020. As Per FreeThinke, The More Than 50 Women Accusing Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault/Rape Are Lying. 11/27/2017.

021. FreeThinke's Tirade Of Ugly Misogyny Continues (His Views Re Feminism The Same As Rational Nation's?). 11/29/2017.

022. FreeThinke, A Godly Man, Refuses To Tuck His Dick Into His Butthole Because Of The Lying Hos And Their False Allegations. 12/19/2017.

023. On Trumpy Moron Joe Conservative Speaking Against Corporatism (When Trump's Slashing Of The Corporate Tax Rate Qualifies As Corporatism). 12/27/2017.

024. Minus FJ Lamentations: The Cloak Of Gyges Protects Chris "Tingles" Matthews :) 1/28/2018.

025. FreeThinke Serves Satan. 1/30/2018.

026. Mystere Serves Satan. 2/12/2018.

027. Michael Flynn To Withdraw His Guilty Plea? (No. Fake News). 2/22/2018.

028. FreeThinke Kicks The Bucket (An Epic Poem). 2/27/2018.

029. Keeping White Working Class Men Down Via Globalism Is What Being Jewish Entails (As Per The Anti-Semite FreeThinke). 3/6/2018.

030. Mystere Goes Grocery Shopping. TF-2. 3/8/2018.

031. The Ballad Of FreeThinke, Brainwashed Member Of The Orange Turd Cult (A Poem). 3/10/2018.

032. Mystere Is Naughty & Gets Punished For Being A Bad Boy. TF-3. 3/11/2018.

033. Fartbreathed Fool FreeThinke Terrorizes Old Folks Home (Part 1). TF-4. 3/18/2018.

034. To "Overcome Good With Evil" Reason Servant Of Satan FreeThinke Comments Excessively. 3/21/2018.

035. An "Ignorant Peasant Lout" Proffers An Accurate And Honest Evaluation. 3/30/2018.

036. Identity Hijacking Asshole Mystere Fakes "Dervish Sanders" Comments On His Wordpress Blog. 3/31/2018.

037. Identity Hijacking Asshole Mystere Posts Fake Comment Wishing Death To Alleged Friend. 4/13/2018.

038. Mystere's Shame... He Is A Self-Hating In-The-Closet Gay Man (Proof Provided!). 5/6/2018.

039. Mystere Should Be Banned From WordPress & He Should Lose His WordPress Blogs & Gravatar Account. 5/8/2018.

040. Trump/Russian Virus "Restoring" US To PC DOS OS. 5/11/2018.

041. Mystere's Continuing Attempts To F*ck With Me. 5/13/2018.

042. The Many Ways The Trump Predisency Is Wrecking America. 5/15/2018.

043. Mystere Is Naughty And Has His WordPress Blog Removed By Automattic As Punishment. 5/18/2018.

044. Mystere (The Gay Fartbreathed Eproctophile) Throws A Temper Tantrum. 5/21/2018.

045. Declined! Pervert Mystere's Offer Of A Handjob (He Wants To Spank My Monkey). 5/23/2018.

046. Other Mystere Blogs Shut Down By WordPress (Irl Hudnutt's Revenge?) 5/28/2018.

047. Have You Laughed At A Trumper Today? A Delusional Mystere Freaks Out Again! 6/2/2018.

048. Pervert Mystere Likes Dressing In Women's Underwear. Also, He Wants To See Your Dick Pics. 6/14/2018.

049. Pervert Mystere Thinks Sex With Canines Is "The Pleasure Of A Lifetime". 6/16/2018.

050. Pervert Mystere's Reference To Something He Calls A "Sperm Smear Spree". 6/18/2018.

051. Pervert Mystere Brags About His Orgasmic Dumps (It's Called "Poophoria"). 6/19/2018.

052. Trump-Voting Republican Caught Sodomizing Pitbull Pup. 6/21/2018.

053. Lying Dog-Hating trumper Mystere Continues To Blame Crimes Against Canines On Liberals. 6/23/2018.

054. Meet WYM Co-Author, Fartbreath Mystere. 6/24/2018.

055. Mystere (A Cross-Dresser) Wears L'eggs Brand Pantyhose. 6/27/2018.

056. Mystere Gets High On Shrooms And Watches Bestiality Videos. 6/30/2018.

057. Trump Chump Mystere Fooled By Trump/Kim Photo-op, Calls It A "Big Win". 7/2/2018.

058. Pea-Brained Trumper Mystere Thinks Using A Racial Slur For A Dog's Name Is Hilarious. 7/5/2018.

059. WTF Is Mystere Talking With His Frequent Reference To L'eggs Pantyhose? (Mystere Decoded #1). 7/6/2018.

060. Pervert Mystere's Queer Fixation On Donald Trump's Genitals. 7/7/2018.

061. "Who's Your Daddy" Blogger Celebrated Independence Day With A Racist Meme. 7/18/2018.

062. Another "Who's Your Daddy" Racist Meme. 7/19/2018.

063. Yellow Hoochie Papa Mystere Bobs Down Below Again! His Disturbing Fixation On Donald Trump's Man Parts Continues. 7/21/2018.

064. Rusty Shackelford Serves Satan. 7/26/2018.

065. NAMBLA-Loving Pervert Mystere Admits He Enjoys Getting Teabagged With Young Boys' Balls. 7/28/2018.

066. Trumperism Is An Evil Anti-Christian Cult. 7/31/2018.

067. Yes, Donald Trump Is Sexist! 8/14/2018.

068. Trumper Blogger Rusty Shackelford Admits Donald Trump Stole The Presidency By Cheating In The 2016 Election. 8/22/2018.

069. Franco And Jesus Team Up To Exterminate Marxicrat Scum. TF-5. 8/27/2018.

070. Disturbingly Misplaced Priorities. 9/1/2018.

071. Ode To A Fat Narcissistic Racist Misogynist Orange Turd (A Poem). 9/2/2018.

072. Speaking Of Laughable. 9/8/2018.

073. tRump (A Piece of Shit) Almost Certainly Lied About Hiring Workers To Identify Bodies At Ground Zero 2 Days After 9/11. 9/12/2018.

074. Delusional Confabulating Nutjob Who Calls Himself "Mystere" Writes Fake (And Stupid) Comment He Says I Submitted To His Blog. 9/13/2018.

075. Mystere Blows A Gift Horse. TF-6. 9/16/2018.

076. A Description Of Donald Trump's Penis For Mystere To Slobber Over. 9/18/2018.

077. More Delusions From Mystere, A Low IQ Imbecilic Trumper Who Clearly Has Some Serious Mental Problems. 9/20/2018.

078. WYD trumpers Predictably Attack Brett Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. 9/21/2018.

079. Mystere (An Extremely Low IQ Imbecile) Writes Another Fake Comment & Blames It On Me. 9/22/2018.

080. Mystere's Life Story (The Condensed Version). TF-7. 9/30/2018.

081. The Alpha Male Minus Quest For True Love Impeded By So Many Lying Whores! TF-8. 10/4/2018.

082. Mystere's Big Gay Gang Bang. TF-9. 10/6/2018.

083. GeeeZ Columbus Day (And SCOTUS) Stupidity. 10/8/2018.

084. Apparently Minus FJ Wants To Round Up All The Homos & Throw Them In Prison. 10/12/2018.

085. DNA Test Reveals Elizabeth Warren Has Native American Ancestry. 10/15/2018.

086. Pot Versus Kettle. 10/18/2018.

087. MAGA Terrorists Try To Murder Prominent Democrats Demonized By The Orange Turd. 10/24/2018.

088. NPC Minus Programming Has Him Reading From The 4chan And Reddit Script Re The NPC Meme 11/3/2018.

089. Mystere Screws The Pooch. TF-10. 11/10/2018.

090. Mystere And His Old Boyfriend Chad Reconnect. TF-11. 11/17/2018.

091. The World Is Laughing At Our Idiot Predisent #1. 11/22/2018.

092. Mystere Dabbles In Necrophilia. TF-12. 11/25/2018.

093. Mystere Has A Very Merry Christmas. TF-13. 11/22/2018.

094. Predisent Dotard tRump Evaluated (As Well As Thoughts On The Never-To-Be-Built Wall). 2/16/2019.

095. My Reaction To Being Doxed By Mystere. A-Hole Revealed My "True Identity & Address" (Restored & Updated). 2/20/2019, restored & updated 5/3/2019.

096. The World Is Laughing At Our Idiot Predisent #2. 2/23/2019.

097. I Really Hope Mystere Doesn't Have My Nude Selfies. 2/24/2019.

098. Mystere Got Spooked. 3/2/2019.

099. I Love Farts! (A Fartbreath Mystere Commentary). 3/4/2019.

100. Uranus Is My Home Planet. 3/14/2019.

101. White Nationalist Dotard tRump Incites More MAGA Terrorism. 3/16/2019

102. The Majority Of The American Electorate (People Whose Choice Was The Popular Vote Victor HRC In 2016) Laugh At Our Idiot Predisent. 3/23/2019.

103. Bill Barr Farted. 3/25/2019.

104. That Night My Mouth Colluded With Bill Barr's Butthole. 4/3/2019.

105. Thoughts On The Angry Partisan Witch Hunt Hoax. 4/5/2019.

106. Orange You Not Glad Dotard's Dad Emigrated From Germany? (Idiot Predisent lolz #4). 4/8/2019.

107. I Do Not Have A Problem With The Fact That Mystere Is A Gay Man. 4/9/2019.

108. The "Trumpian Era" Summed Up. 4/11/2019.

109. From The Insane Pea Brain Of The Low IQ Trumper Mystere. 4/14/2019.

110. Insane In The Pea Brain: More Nutty Observations From The Low IQ Trumper Mystere. 4/16/2019.

111. I Hear The Blogger Butt of Jokes Mystere (A Low IQ trumper) Likes It In The "Endo". 5/2/2019.

112. So, My Google Account Was Hacked... & Yes, It Was That A-Hole Mystere Again! 5/4/2019.

113. "E" Is For Eproctophilia, Which Is Good Enough For Mystere. 5/11/2019.

114. Mystere Whistles For Minus Man Meat. TF-14. 5/19/2019.

115. trumper Magaturd Mystere Fesses Up To His Queer Fixation On Bill Barr. 5/21/2019.

116. The Ugliness Of Mystere's Black, Hate-Filled Heart. 5/26/2019.

117. Based On A True Story. 5/27/2019.

118. Where Fartso trumper Magaturd Mystere Parks It's Bloated Gas-Filled Rotten Carcass. 5/29/2019.

119. Mystere Arrested For Farting. Charged With Assaulting A Police Officer. 6/3/2019.

120. Wish Dotard A Very Crappy Birthday. 6/5/2019.

121. Accused Sick Puppy Peddler Arrested On Felony Charges After Years Of FOX 11 Investigations. 6/7/2019.

122. Mystere Licks Greaser Butthole. 6/9/2019.

123. Further Thoughts On Mystere's Failed Attempt To Dox Me & Mystere Being Gay. 6/11/2019.

124. Predisent Dotard Admits Collusion. Impeachment To Begin Tomorrow. 6/12/2019.

125. Bertha Butt Babbles Endo & Her Younger Brother Edwina Mystere Endo. TF-15 6/17/2019.

126. Racist trumper Pig Mystere Oinks. 6/20/2019.

127. Mystere Wept. 6/22/2019.

128. Minus FJ Pushes Fake Claims Of Bias Against Conservatives. 7/20/2019.

129. Google Gives Me Green Light To Continue "Harassing" The trumper Snowflake Mystere. LOL! 7/24/2019.

130. Low IQ trumper Magaturd Mystere Thinks "Spank The Monkey" And "Jacking Off" Are References To Suicide?. 7/31/2019.

131. The Hate-Filled Racist Rhetoric Of Grand Wizard Dotard Inspires More White Nationalist Terrorism, Resulting In 29 Dead In El Paso And Dayton. 8/4/2019.

132. trumper Blog "Who's Your Daddy" Infested With Nazis. 8/9/2019.

133. Hate Forms The Foundation Of The trumpturd Movement. 9/4/2019.

134. Mystere Loves Murderers. 9/24/2019.

135. "Russia Didn't Hack The DNC" Conspiracy Theory Debunked (Yet Again). 9/29/2019.

136. predisent Dotard Does Not Have The Power To Levy Tariffs. 10/6/2019.

137. The Day The Oranges Died (IG Report Purportedly To Repudiate Trumper "Deep State" Bullshit). 12/6/2019

138. Bill Barr Farted Again. 12/18/2019.

139. Mystere (A Lying, Insane, Racist Trumper) Irrationally Fears "Beaners" Will Invade & Occupy The US. 12/22/2019.

140. Mystere's Internet Crimes Could Land Him In Prison For Many Decades. 1/3/2020.

141. Dotard (Caught Trying To Strongarm Ukrainian Leader Into Colluding) Now Trying To Provoke Iran (Going For "Wartime President" Bump). 1/5/2020.

142. Mystere's Very Happy New Year's Eve. 1/6/2020.

143. Predisent Dotard Confesses To Obstruction Of Congress. Senate Republicans Now Have No Choice But To Convict And Remove. 1/28/2020.

144. Mitt Romney Makes History As The First Republican Ever To Vote To Convict A President Of His Own Party In A Senate Impeachment Trial. 2/8/2020.

145. Pro-Dotard Blogger Minus FJ Bullplop... "Jews are not White NationLists"... Except For Michael Bloomberg. 2/12/2020.

146. Dotard's Deutsche Bank Loans Secured By Russian Bank, VTB. Why Illegitimate potus Is In Putin's Pocket. 2/18/2020.

147. The Coronation Of King Dotard The Putin Puppet Has Autocracy Fan Minus FJ Excited. 2/25/2020.

148. Soldiers With Traumatic Brain Injuries Have "Headaches". POS potus Says Such Injuries Are "Not Very Serious". 3/6/2020.

149. We Are In The Early Days Of The Trump Depression. 3/20/2020.

150. Trump Enragement Syndrome (It's A Healthy Hate). 3/25/2020.

151. Dotard Press Conference 4/27/2020 (The Usual Delusional Ranting, Self Congratulation & Blame Shifting). 4/27/2020.

152. Why Dotard Will Lose. 5/9/2020.

153. The Allegations Of Sexual Assault Against Joe Biden Are Extremely Suspicious. 5/16/2020.

154. Doktor Dotard Demonstrates Dangerous Dumbness. 5/28/2020.

155. Satan's Minion Violates First Amendment Rights Of Peaceful Protesters For Photo Op In Front Of Church (Defiling It). 6/4/2020.

156. Dotard Drumpf (Our Current Putin-Installed Predisent) Predicts That Joe Biden Will Defeat Him In November. 6/26/2020.

157. What "Too Much Winning" Looks Like (And, YES, I Can't Take It Anymore). 7/2/2020.

158. The Real Looters. 7/8/2020.

159. predisent Dotard "Very Impressed" By Quack Doctor Who Says She Has Cured Hundreds Of Covid Patients With Hydroxychloroquine (Also That Alien DNA Is Being Used In Medical Treatments). 8/1/2020.

160. As Per Minus FJ, Quack Doc Stella Immanuel Is "Reasonable Given Her Actual Words". 8/4/2020.

161. predisent Dotard = Most Losing In History. 8/13/2020.

162. Bernie Sanders Urges Progressives To Not Help Dotard Finish Destroying America. 8/16/2020.

163. Scumbag Brother Of Scumbag Predisent Bites It. 8/18/2020.

164. Putin Puppet Predisent Dotard Kompromat Confirmed. 8/19/2020.

165. "The Tragedy Of Where We Are Today Is It Didn't Have To Be This Bad" (POTUS 46, Joe Biden). 8/22/2020.

166. Republicans Just Dandy With 1K Of Their Fellow Americans Dying Daily. 8/25/2020.

167. NRA LOL. 8/26/2020.

168. Nepotism LOL. 9/1/2020.

169. Commander of Cheese Disrespects Soldiers As "Suckers" And "Losers" (As Confirmed By Fox). 9/6/2020.

170. Dotard Scares Magamorons With Lies About Peaceful Protests. 9/8/2020.

171. predisent Dotard Lied, Tens Of Thousands Died (Woodward Audio Tape Proof). 9/10/2020.

172. Dotard, A Putin Investment That Paid Off Bigly. 9/13/2020.

173. Predisent Dotard Approves Of The Extrajudicial Executions Of Leftists Who Defend Themselves & Disapproves Of The Arrest Of Magaturds Who Murder Peaceful Protestors. 9/15/2020.

174. Magamoron LOL. 9/17/2020.

175. President Biden To Nominate New Supreme Court Justice After Being Sworn In. 9/19/2020.

176. #DemExit Black Voters Are Leaving The "Democratic Plantation" In Droves. 9/20/2020.

177. We Need Court Packing! (Elie Mystal On A Future 100 Justice Supreme Court). 9/22/2020.

178. Dotard And Dotard Junior Are Both Bigly Drug Abusers (Adderall, Methamphetamines, Cocaine). 9/23/2020.

179. On The Verge Of Autocracy. 9/25/2020.

180. Bloodthirsty Christian Conservatives Demand More Abortions (Via The Seating Of Amy Barrett). 9/26/2020.

181. Dotard Is A Bigly Tax Cheat. Evidence Finally Obtained (Breaking News From The NYT). 9/28/2020.

182. White Supremacist predisent Tells Proud Boys To Stand By For Civil Unrest When He Prematurely Declares Victory On Election Night (Before Mail In Votes Are Counted). 9/30/2020.

183. What A F*cking Idiot. Seriously. 10/3/2020.

184. It's Over For Typhoid Dotard. 10/7/2020.

185. Acting On Orders From predisent Dotard, Rightwing Militia Members Planned To Kidnap And Murder MI Governor Witmere. 10/9/2020.

186. Yes! Some Good News For Once! 10/10/2020

187. Joe Biden 400 Vote Electoral College Blowout?. 10/12/2020

188. I Guess He Wasn't Determined Enough. LOL. 10/14/2020

189. Re Dotard Cultists Seeing Their Leader As An Actual Superman. 10/16/2020.

190. Regarding The Hunter Biden MacBook Pro Filled With Russian Disinformation. 10/19/2020.

191. Dotard Rapes Minors. 10/21/2020.

192. The Prosecution, Conviction And Imprisonment Of Donald J. Trump. 10/23/2020.

193. Supreme Court Perv, Boofing Brett, Onboard With Dotard Election Theft. 10/27/2020.

194. November 3rd Predictions. 11/1/2020.

195. Turd Flushing Day. 11/3/2020.

196. Joe Biden Will Be Our Next President Unless Dotard Steals It. 11/4/2020.

197. Democrats Are Stealing The Election From Dotard. 11/7/2020.

198. Newt And Sean Discuss Lie That Republican Poll Watchers Were Banned. 11/8/2020.

199. Melania To Get In On The Turd Flushing. 11/9/2020.

200. State Recounts Will Prove Dotard Actually Won The Election?. 11/13/2020.

201. Ted Cruz Tells Glenn Beck The Good News. 11/14/2020.

202. Dotard Wins 2nd White House Term In 410 Electoral College Landslide!. 11/19/2020.

203. Impeached One Term Loser predisent Dotard Concedes. Biden Transition Officially Underway. 11/25/2020.

204. Dotard Doesn't Give A Crap About The Coronavirus Pandemic Because He's A Sadist. 12/5/2020.

205. Dotard Is "Delusional At The Core" As Per Dr. Lance Dodes, Retired Assistant Clinical Professor Of Psychiatry. 12/8/2020.

206. Pence Will Refuse To Certify The Electoral College Vote (Which Will Determine Joe Biden Is The Next President) Throwing The Election To The House (Which Will Select Dotard). aka The 12th Amendment Gambit. 12/9/2020.

207. Mike Pence Isn't Obi-Wan Kenobi, He is Salacious B. Crumb (Jabba The Hutt's Court Jester). 12/10/2020.

208. Social Media Censoring "The Truth" aka Social Media Refuses To Be Complicit In Spreading trumper Disinformation Re The 2020 Election. 12/11/2020.

209. Donald Trump Cheated. 12/14/2020.

210. On Giving Dotard Any Credit For The "Warp Speed" Development Of The Coronavirus Vaccine. 12/17/2020.

211. Dotard Could Still Win In The Electoral College And Retain The Presidency. 12/19/2020.

212. Delusions of Grandeur. Dotard Calls For Violence? "Fight For Trump. Save American, Save The World". 12/20/2020.

213. Actor/Magamoron Jon Voight Calls For Violence To Overturn Joe Biden's Victory. 12/21/2020.

214. Magamoron Delusions. 12/25/2020.

215. This One's For Mystere. 12/26/2020.

216. On trumpers Whining About The Election Being Stolen From Dotard (When The "GOP" Is The Party Of Bigly Cheating). 12/27/2020.

217. How Dotard Smashed The Left And Won!! 12/30/2020.

218. Magamorons Praying For A Coup That Keeps Dotard In The White House. 12/31/2020.

219. trumper Delusions & Hero-Worship Versus Reality. 1/1/2021.

220. Election Fraud On A Massive Scale In PA. Dotard Votes Switched To Biden Live On TeeVee! Presidency Stolen From Dotard!!. 1/2/2021.

221. The Percentage Of tRumpers Who Are Batshit Crazy Has Got To Be Quite High. 1/3/2021.

222. NewsMax Sez Corrupt Predisent Asking Georgia Secretary of State To Commit Election Fraud Was Proper. Another "Perfect" Phone Call, Apparently. 1/4/2021.

223. Democrats Win 2 GA Seats And Take Control Of The Senate!!. 1/5/2021.

224. Trump Media Calls Georgia Runnoffs -- Ossoff and Warnock Elected, Mitch Fired!. 1/6/2021.

225. Antifa Leftists Riot In DC, Storm Capital Building Wearing Maga Hats & Waving tRump Banners In False Flag Operation To Smear Patriotic Dotard Supporters. 1/7/2021.

226. Thank You Deep State!! 1/8/2021.

227. Minus FJ BS Re The Woman Shot And Killed During The Storming Of The Capitol By Dotard Supporters. 1/10/2021.

228. "Them" Are Dotard Supporters. 1/11/2021.

229. Tinfoil Hat Wearing Magamoron Blogger Minus FJ Sez Election Stolen From Dotard Using CIA Hacking/Vote Switching Programs Hammer & Scorecard. 1/12/2021.

230. Murder Cells And Capture And Kill Teams Mixed In Among Capitol Rioters (aka LARPing Patriots). 1/13/2021.

231. White Supremacist Magas Say Take Our Bogus Claims Of Widespread "Voter Fraud" Seriously. Or Else There WILL Be Violence (Maga Terrorism). 1/17/2021.

232. Today's Inauguration Of Dotard For A Second Term (Some Predictions For Our Country Going Forward). 1/20/2021.

233. Mystere Emerges From Hiding. He's Done Biting The Pillow, Apparently. LOL!. 1/22/2021.

234. You Can't Get There With Logic. 1/24/2021.

235. Jonathan Coulton Is A Biden Administration Fan. 1/26/2021.

236. On The Moronic Assertion That President Joe Biden Would (Prior To The Election He Won) Admit To Organizing Extensive Voter Fraud. 1/31/2021.

237. Remember When Jimmy Carter Claimed (Loudly And Often) That The 1980 Election Was Stolen By Ronald Reagan, Inciting A Bombing Of The Capitol? 2/1/2021.

238. Magamoron Who Calls Himself Mystere Using The Alias "Qanon" On WYD. 2/2/2021.

239. Magamoron MyPillow Guy (Mike Lindell) Trying To Destroy His Business For Some Reason (Insanity). 2/3/2021.

240. The Cult Of Dotard (aka The Orange Turd Cult) Lives. 2/5/2021.

241. Consequences For Two "Election Stolen" Liars (Rudy And Lou). 2/6/2021.

242. DC Riot Was Staged (Rioters Were Actors). Ashli Babbit (Woman Shot And Killed) Isn't Dead (She Is A "Crisis Actor"). 2/7/2021.

243. Trust The Plan. The Storm Is Upon Us. LOL!. 2/9/2021.

244. Crack Addict's "Absolute Proof" Is Not Intended To Be Taken Or Interpreted By The Viewer As Established Fact. 2/11/2021.

245. Minus FJ Bullshit: Citing Disclaimer OAN Placed Before Mike Lindell "Documentary" Is An "Appeal To Authority". 2/13/2021.

246. This Post Was Reverted To Draft. 2/14/2021.

247. Bloggers Silverfiddle And Minus Toot Their Con Propaganda Horns (republicans Don't Suppress The Vote As A Strategy; It's Easy For Black Citizens To Cast Ballots). 2/16/2021.

248. Minus FJ "Proof" That Joe Biden Has Dementia: Australian Man Who Represents The Whole World Outside The US Says So. 2/21/2021.

249. Which Video Better Disproves Or Proves Collusion? 3/9/2021.

250. The Confrontation. TF-16. 3/10/2021.

251. Ford Sending Jobs To Mexico. Thanks China Donald! 3/19/2021.

252. Re The Minus FJ Spouted Conspiracy Theory That Late Ballots Were Backdated So They'd Be Counted (i.e. The PO Cheated To Help Joe Biden). 3/25/2021.

253. On The Idea That It's Conservatives Who Are Being Discriminated Against. 3/28/2021.

254. Mike Lindell And Sydney Powell Laying Groundwork For Insanity Defense Re Their Respective Dominion Lawsuits?. 3/30/2021.

255. Steven Crowder To Give Inexpert Testimony For Defense At Chauvin Trial Which Will "Completely And Definitively Debunk" Fact That Floyd Was Murdered. 4/9/2021.

256. Mystere (A Deluded Low IQ Magamoron) Thinks President Joe Biden Should "Admit" The Election Was Stolen. The Lord Is Giving Him A Chance To "Repent And Resign". 4/18/2021.

257. "Christian" Nutjob Mystere Listens To Chad MacDonald, "Prophet" Who Sez President Joe Biden (The Representative of The Forces of Darkness) Will Be Checkmated By God. 4/22/2021.

258. The Oracle Mystere Speaks: "The Illegitimate President Bidet Must Resign Or Face Punishment From God". 5/12/2021.

259. Matt Gaetz To Retire From Congress And Rudy Giuliani To Retire From Whatever The F*ck It Is He Does (Podcaster?) To Take Unpaid Positions With The Department Of Corrections?. 5/18/2021.

260. God Calls Pastor Liberty Turnipseed On The Horn To Warn Her About The Covid Vaccines (Bad News For Those Of Us Who Have Already Been Vaccinated). 6/7/2021.

261. Mystere (A Racist Asian-American) Finds Anti-Mexican Twitter Account (il Donaldo Trumpo) Bigly Hilarious. 7/13/2021.

262. Real Purpose Of Covid Pfizer Vaccine Exposed! Mass Genocide (Population Control). Also (Re Those Who Survive) To Make Men Sterile & To Make Women Infertile (More Population Control). 7/26/2021.

263. Capitol Police Officers Whose Testimony Would Have Countered Incredibly False Dem Narrative That trumpers Rioted MURDERED To Prevent Them From Talking!. 8/4/2021.

264. Christianist Dominated SCOTUS OKs Unconstitutional Texas Taliban Stripping Bodily Autonomy From Women. 9/4/2021.

265. Military Tribunal Convicts Hillary Clinton Of Child Trafficking & Sentences Her To Death By Hanging. 9/9/2021.

266. Do republicans Object To Abortion Because It's "Murder" Or Because They Want To Control Women? (Hint: It's Because They're Misogynists Who Want To Control Women). 9/11/2021.

267. wym-267. 9/22/2021.

268. Pro-Dotard Blogger Mystere (A Homophobe) Losing His Grip On Reality. 10/3/2021.

269. Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with Trump; all things are possible with Trump". Mark 10:2. 11/10/2021.

270. Mystere (High On Shrooms) Gets Angry, Throws An Infantile Temper Tantrum And Posts Lies On His Hate Blog. 11/15/2021.

271. Mystere (A Fake Christian) Prays To His Master (Satan) That Curses Be Inflicted Upon Me & My Family For Generations Because I Want Ex-Predisent Dotard To Face Justice (And Go To Prison) For His Crimes. 11/20/2021.

272. MLK Jr Day. 1/17/2022.

273. trumpflation. 1/23/2022.

274. Twitter Is Deep State. 4/17/2022.

275. Libturds Trying To Cancel American Patriot Ginni Thomas (Wife Of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas). 4/25/2022.

276. Elon Musk Twitter Purchase A "Great Day For Free Speech". 5/5/2022.

277. Illegitimate Supreme Court To Overturn Roe V Wade. 5/14/2022.

278. Minus FJ (Pro-tRump And Pro-Putin Blogger) Roots Against Ukraine, Claims Ukraine Provoked Russian Invasion. 5/17/2022.

279. donald tRump's Baby Formula Shortage. 5/19/2022.

280. donald tRump's High Gas Prices. 5/20/2022.

281. Low IQ Magaturd Mystere Broken Up Over Bisexual Rep Madison Cawthorn's Loss. 5/21/2022.

282. Extremely Gullible Low IQ Magaturd Mystere Falls For Fake Pedophile Facebook Ad. 6/7/2022.

283. https://whozyomama.blogspot.com/2022/07/mystere-hate-filled-trump-cultist-fake.html. 7/23/2022.

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